Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Joshua Ramos
Source: The Daily Californian

A popular payment method, and an immensely popular restaurant, were uncovering whether or not Panda Express accepts Apple Pay. Moreover, the payment service has consistently expanded where it is accepted, including a host of eateries across the country.

Panda Express has almost 2,300 locations across the United States, with more openings every day. Moreover, its growing customer base may have a new way to purchase some of its favorite food from the popular establishment. 

Does Panda Express Accept Apple Pay?

Answering a customer’s question, Panda Express confirmed that they do accept Apple Pay in some of their locations. Although this is not a certainty in every Panda Express restaurant, it is certainly possible in a host of different fast-food locations.

This means that the store does maintain digital payment readers that are integrated with the necessary payment protocols. Allowing you to purchase your food both in-store and through the drive-through service, utilizing the tech giants’ payment methods. Additionally, the store accepts credit cards, gift cards, and traditional payment options

Most of the store’s digital readers allow the customer to select the “tap” payment option. From there, they can utilize their iPhone connected to their Apple wallet and pay with the service. Additionally, you can utilize the Panda Express mobile application to pay for your food with the service.

Specifically, the option makes ordering Panda Express even easier. Allowing its users to pay for the food easily before they travel to the restaurant. Subsequently, the app features discounts and deals that you may not have had access to ordering in the store.

Apple Pay’s Rising Popularity

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Allowing the use of Apple Pay at Panda Express locations signals the growing acceptance of the Apple Pay service specifically. The offering adds to the benefit of one of the most impressive and ever-growing entities in the tech world, Apple. 

The payment service is connected to your iPhone, and the Tap payment method saves you time when initiating payment. Additionally, the rising popularity of mobile NFC payment systems also benefits Apple Pay as a service. 

Specifically, the ecosystem is greatly benefiting from the transition from traditional payment methods. Although credit or debit cards are still accepted nearly everywhere, mobile tap purchasing protocols are increasing in popularity. This is seen in the number of locations that have accepted Apple Pay. As well as its consistent growth. 

Additionally, similar options like Google Pay have also been accepted in similar instances. Alternatively, other digital payment methods are not all accessible at Panda Express locations. This is because not every location is set up to accept every single digital wallet. However, the program is present to be able to accept Apple Pay as a digital alternative to traditional payment methods. 

Apple Pay Acceptance Growing

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Importantly, the use of Apple Pay in Panda Express locations shows the growth of the service. Signaling that the list of businesses accepting the payment method is growing. Over two million stores already accept the payment services, with the necessary card reader to implement them. Utilizing the Apple device to facilitate payment

The widely accepted contactless payment is being spearheaded by Apple Pay adoption. Additionally, the widespread use of the iPhone, and Apple products, is mutually beneficial. Showing that businesses can benefit from consumers who prefer this method of payment. Ultimately, this creates a beneficial circumstance for Apple Pay users, businesses, and the tech giant itself.