Does StockX Take Afterpay?

Does StockX Take Afterpay?

Your Guide: Does StockX Take Afterpay?

So, you’re a fan of the ultra-popular marketplace, StockX? If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. We’ll touch on what exactly it is below. However, if you fancy yourself an avid lover of all things streetwear, you’ve probably hit up this site a few times.

Have you ever wanted to explore the types of payment methods they accept? Maybe you’re running tight on cash this month, so you want to explore making payments in installments. One of today’s most popular installation-based services is Afterpay, which many online retailers use.

Today, we’ll answer the question, “Does StockX Take Afterpay?” and explore some other payment methods. Keep reading to find out more.

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Does StockX Take Afterpay?

What is StockX?

First, let’s touch on what exactly StockX is. Stock X is a peer-to-peer streetwear-focused marketplace. It’s legit and allows people to buy and sell everything from sneakers to streetwear and even some electronics.

The company is legit and boasts over 1,000 employees. It also has several centers whose sole duty is to authenticate various merchandise to ensure buyers are getting real, authentic items.

How does bidding work on StockX?

Understanding how the bidding process works on StockX is super important and relatively easy to understand. But we’re going to try to simplify it so you can make that hard-earned sale.

Placing a bid online is fairly easy. You just need to choose the product you want to buy, your size, and the highest amount you can pay.

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How long do bids last on StockX?

Bids on StockX will last and remain active for around 30 days. After more than 30 days, that bid has now expired, and no one can see it listed. So, it’s super important that you monitor the bids that you make on the items. Who knows if someone from across the world might be able to outbid you at the last minute?

What is Afterpay?

AfterPay is one of the world’s most popular “buy now, pay later” companies. You can use it to shop on a wide variety of online sites. They help offer short-term payment options at eligible stores.


Does StockX take AfterPay?

Currently, StockX does not use Afterpay as a form of payment. Now, before you go kick rocks, you still have a few alternatives that we’ll cover below.

Does StockX Sell Reps?

Other Payment Options on StockX?

Of course, StockX takes your traditional payment forms. This includes all major credit and debit cards. If you need to pay off your purchase, you could explore using a credit card where you can make payments later. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry. You still have one solid option, which would be leveraging PayPal. According to StockX’s website, if you’re located in the US, you can use PayPal’s Pay Later option. This way, you pay for your items in installments.


In conclusion, although it’s a bit of a bummer that you can’t use AfterPay on this particular site, you’re not totally out of luck. You still have several Altnetica payment methods to consider. So, although Afterpay may not be available here, you can still explore installment methods by using PayPal’s buy now, pay later option. Happy shopping!