Does Universal Studios Take Apple Pay?

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For many shoppers, the modern consumerist landscape has greatly shifted over the past several years. One of the primary reasons has been the advent of digital wallet applications and contactless payment methods. With so much uncertainty abounding regarding what establishments accept these payments, this guide will answer whether or not Universal Studios takes Apple Pay.

In the digital wallet application space, there are few as prominent as Apple Pay. Due in large part to the prevalence of Apple products, the payment option has surged in adoption from modern consumers. The interconnectivity of the Apple ecosystem has made using the app as easy as ever. Moreover, its integration with the Apple iPhone has increased that, with more than 253 million mobile phones being sold last year.

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Therefore, it is rather easy for those iPhone users to integrate their financial life into the technology. However, knowing where they can utilize that technology to make a purchase is one of the most important pursuits. There is now a growing list of establishments that accept them, from restaurants to clothing stores.

But how about theme parks? Well, Universal Studios has emerged as one of the most interesting and prevalent such locations on the planet. With its premier location in Los Angeles California, the Hollywood experience hosts a plethora of theme lands such as Super Nintendo World, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a movie studio experience, and many more.

However, there remains the question of whether or not the payment method is acceptable across the part. So, let’s delve into it, and answer, once and for all, if Universal Studios accepts Apple Pay.

Does Universal Studios Accept Apple Pay?

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There is little argument to be made against the popularity of theme park experiences. Walt Disney World and Universal are two of the primary options, having massive park locations throughout the world. These offer cutting-edge entertainment properties rooted in fan-favorite properties.

As previously stated, Universal Studios is one of the most popular theme parks on the planet. Featuring characters and a film franchise from the Universal brand, it offers guests the chance to immerse themselves into Harry Potter, Minions, and Transformers rides among many others.

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Yet, there is still a question regarding payment options. Because Universal differs from traditional restaurants or shops, it is not as easy to observe what payment methods they take. Especially as these theme parks are typically separated by land, denoting what could be massive differences.

However, the latest information states that Universal Studios does accept Apple Pay. Indeed, TripAdvisor has stated that Universal Studios in Hollywood accepts Apple Pay at most restaurants and shops on the property, according to its guest services department.

Conversely, it is important to note that this does not include all, only most. Therefore, some souvenir or food and beverage carts are likely incompatible with accepting digital and contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay. Yet, most of the shopping areas of the part are equipped with the appropriate technology to accept the payment method.