Does Walgreens Sell Flowers?

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The convenience of buying flowers: does Walgreens sell flowers?

You’re at your local Walgreens picking up some medicines from the pharmacy. Then you realize it’s your significant other’s birthday and you didn’t pick up any type of gift.

We’ve all been there.

So, you think it’s a good idea to maybe pick up some flowers on the way home?

Well you’re in a place that sells everything and you might wonder “Does Walgreens sell flowers?

Today we’re going to answer just that.

Keep reading to find out.

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Source: CNBC

Does Walgreens Sell flowers?

Walgreens sells a variety of flowers. Typically, you’ll find these in either a refrigerated section or somewhere near the front of the store.

If you’re curious if your local Walgreens has flowers, we recommend giving them a call before you head to the actual store.

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Does CVS Sell Flowers?

Does Walgreens Sell flowers year-round?

Based on what we can find, it doesn’t look like Walgreens is going to sell flowers year-round, However, you’ll most likely see your local Walgreens stocked with flowers towards Valentine’s Day, and of course, the spring and summer months.

However, we do recommend contacting your local Walgreens for better information to that location’s operations. That way, when you arrive at the store you are all the more informed on what flowers are available.


Other gifting ideas

In addition to buying flowers, we highly recommend grabbing a small gift bag, a cute card, and some other little trinkets to brighten your special someone’s day.

This mixed with the flowers will make the perfect gift and make that special someone feel so special.


In conclusion, Walgreens offers every type of item in the world and this includes flowers. So the next time you need to grab a last-minute gift, have your local Walgreens because they got you covered.

Happy gifting.