Dogecoin Co-founder Says That Every Binance Smart Chain Token Is “Garbage”

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Dogecoin Co-founder Says That Every Binance Smart Chain Token Is “Garbage”
Source: BitcoHaber

Billy Markus, the Dogecoin co-founder, criticizes that every token on the Binance Smart Chain is “garbage,” saying that there is no bscgem. Billy Markus, who goes by the Twitter handle Shibetoshi Nakamoto, is quite known for expressing his criticism about different projects.

In his latest tweet, he goes after the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the tokens built on the chain.

Dogecoin co-founder says that there is no “bscgem”

Billy tweeted about BSC on June 2, saying:

“There is no such thing as a “bscgem.” Every token on that chain is garbage. Every account mentioning “bscgem” is a scam bot, a scumbag, or an idiot.”

He said that a blockchain that is not decentralized shouldn’t exist. He added that there is no bscgem and that every token on the BSC chain is garbage. Billy also wrote that any account that mentions or hypes about bscgem is either a scam bot or an idiot.

Source: Los Angeles Time

Billy took a turn against crypto investors and said that they lack basic knowledge and education before investing in any project. Markus noted that investors don’t have a basic idea of the market fundamentals. In May, he had also tweeted that at least 99% of the cryptocurrencies that exist now would crash to zero.

“I mean there’s like 500 shit tokens made daily so 99.9% will definitely crash to 0 but the major ones usually only go down 90% or so.”

Billy Markus, Dogecoin Co-founder

Terra’s downfall was considered one of the catastrophic events in crypto history. Investors lost their life savings due to the dramatic fall. Markus had replied to Do Kwon amidst the Terra chaos asking him to leave the crypto space for good. He also believed that the LUNA 2.0 is another trap for investors. Through his open comments, Billy turned out to be a keen market observer.