Dogecoin community being sabotaged by “entitled, obnoxious” members, as per Co-Founder

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Dogecoin community
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Having a community to defend your protocol at every step is every crypto’s wish. But only a few got it right like the Dogecoin community. Despite carrying the digital asset from a joke towards utility, the cofounder Billy Markus was unhappy with a part of this community. Markus, who is no longer on the Dogecoin project has remained a member of this strong community but believed that some of the DOGE community members were trying to “poison and sabotage” it.

Dogecoin co-founder, “whiners deserve nothing”

Markus who goes by Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter started by saying that working on a cryptocurrency entails responsibility and stress, and noted it “sucks.” However, the community members may not always be aware of the hardships going on behind the project, leading to rumors and speculations flying around. Markus called out on those “entitled, obnoxious” members of the community and stated their attitude will make the “workers quit.”

Markus urged the community to “support those doing the work.” He clarified in another tweet that by “workers” he was referring to others who were still involved in the Dogecoin project and working towards its betterment. He added,

“There is an increasingly growing part of the community that seems to enjoy attacking anyone trying to accomplish anything. That’s dumb. please either help make things better or make your own community.”

While Shibetoshi was firm in saying “whiners deserve nothing,” many others supported his view. Twitter user @MoonlitMonkey69 echoed Markus’s frustration and noted,

You cannot take the meme out of meme token

At the same time, the Dogecoin community did not forget to slip in some memes to comment about the “stress” involved in crypto.

However, one Twitter user found Markus’ comments quite harsh and they noted that “all cryptos have negative opinions of a small fraction of people that most aren’t even aware of in the first place?” @finvest21 added,

While Markus was no longer associated directly with Dogecoin anymore, he has been a supporter. He called those attacking people “morons” and joked about them being paid by another community to “poison and sabotage” the DOGE community.

As the market goes through a brought phase, frustration was among the common sentiment on crypto Twitter. As the Dogecoin community settles the issue, DOGE was trading at $0.1347 with a 1.13% decline. The digital asset reserved the tenth position on the CoinMarketCap list in terms of market capitalization with $17.88 billion.

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