Dogecoin community is special for this reason, according to Billy Markus

Paigambar Mohan Raj

DOGE has had a vibrant journey in its nearly 14-year existence. The original meme coin has helped turn many young players into millionaires. The coin that started as a joke now seems to be one of the most accepted cryptocurrencies out there. Big tech giant, Tesla, has also showered support to everyone’s favorite meme token. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has never lost an opportunity to praise the coin and its community, often citing the now famous “Dogecoin to the moon” phrase. 

In a recent Tweet, Dogecoin founder, Billy Markus, emphasised on the importance of the levity and silliness of the DOGE community, as that is what makes it special. Marcus said that he hopes that the community does not lose this demeanor about itself. 

Marcus added a thread to his tweet, attaching a reddit post from 8 years ago, which was an open letter to the Dogecoin community. At the time of the Reddit post, Dogecoin was only 2 months old. The open letter acknowledges the amazing work done by the Doge community in its early days. One of the commendable acts spoken about in the open letter is helping fund the Doge4Kids charity. 

What does DOGE’s founder’s open letter talk about?

In the letter, Markus makes a note of how the gaming communities he had been a part of, all started on very positive outlooks, but eventually, members of the community grew petty. The once vibrant communities became full of complaints and obsessions. 

Source: Reddit.

Through the open letter, Markus wanted to tell the community to remember that moment. To remember when Doge’s popularity was skyrocketing, when the community came together to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics, when over 300 people gathered in New York to celebrate the coin when people created 75 incredible videos for a video contest featuring awesome songs and great animations, and when the community-funded service dogs to assist children in need. These were some of the most lauded community work ever done by a crypto community. 

Markus also wanted to remind people that the crypto world is a very volatile space, capable of triggering vast emotions. He wanted the community to maintain the levity, fun, and good nature, which in his words “ what makes Dogecoin worthwhile in the first place”. He went on to say, the moment that people stop trying to participate in making positive things happen and start complaining that others need to do things for them is the moment a community starts to get sick. 

Dogecoin is intended to be a fun cryptocurrency that encourages users to tip and learn about the technology, he said.

Why did Marcus share this 8-year old post?

Well, Marcus most likely felt the need to remind the community about Doge’s fun beginnings, and for the community to not lose its playfulness and fun-loving nature. Strong community ties, expansion of knowledge, and kindness have been the foundations of the coin. In today’s sometimes chaotic finance world, it is easy to be driven astray from one’s original intentions. 

The post truly was a nostalgic reminder to the entire community about what is most important.