Dogecoin: Doge is Forecasted to Hit This Critical Milestone Soon!

Juhi Mirza
dogecoin doge price prediction
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Amid the shiny new meme coins that have entered the cryptocurrency space, seasoned altcoins have been quietly making new waves in the market. Among all the leading meme coins, Doge seems to be gaining incredible momentum as of late, trading at a significant price threshold of $0.22.

Dogecoin has recently become a favorite among crypto traders. The token has noted a surge of 24% in the past week. Doge is up 78% in the last month, making it a notable coin to explore and interact with. 

Dogecoin’s current surge has been regarded as notable all across the space, with crypto analysts busy predicting its future price trajectory. Mimicking its classic 2018–2021 price ascent path, Dogecoin may soon hit a critical price mark. 

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Dogecoin to the Moon? 

Dogecoin DOGE moon space
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Dogecoin is gaining incredible popularity among the masses. The crypto is trading at a near-3% high in the last 24 hours, stable at $0.2153. The token’s positive price hike has compelled crypto analysts to predict its future price patterns. 

Per a notable crypto analyst, Ali, DOGE seems to be mimicking its “iconic” 2018–2021 price route. From a technical perspective, Dogecoin’s candlestick chart is signaling its potential parabolic breakout soon. 

If the predictions come true, DOGE can soon take over other leading meme coins to establish its dominance. With Coinbase holding discussions to launch dog-inspired futures, the token’s popularity can skyrocket to new heights. 

DOGE to Hit $0.30 This April?

With Doge’s positive price ascent path last month, analysts are coming up with new price markers for the token to hit soon. Another crypto analyst, Slumdoge Millionaire, is hoping for the coin to hit $0.30 soon. 

Per CoinCodex, a leading crypto analytics platform, Dogecoin is predicted to witness a slight descent before hitting a new price mark. 

“The Dogecoin price prediction for next week is between $0.218456 on the lower end and $0.194657 on the high end. Based on our DOGE price prediction chart, the price of Dogecoin will decrease by -10.89% and reach $0.194657 by April 14, 2024, if it reaches the upper price target.” 

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However, for the year 2024, the platform predicts a bullish forecast for doge. 

“Dogecoin is forecast to trade within a range of $0.187974 and $0.957163. If it reaches the upper price target, DOGE could increase by 342.65% and reach $ 0.957163.”