Dogecoin [DOGE] Weekly Price Prediction

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

In the highly unpredictable realm of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to attract attention, not just for its origins rooted in internet memes but also for substantial transactions occurring within its blockchain. Recently, an astonishing 990 million DOGE underwent a significant transfer, sparking discussions and speculation within the Dogecoin community. As the cryptocurrency’s price endeavors to escape its current range, the market confronts uncertainty, with traders keenly monitoring potential shifts.

Whale Alert: Noteworthy DOGE Transfer Raises Questions

Whale Alert, a blockchain tracker, recently revealed a remarkable transfer of 990 million DOGE between unregistered wallets. This transaction, consisting of 11 transfers, each involving 90 million DOGE, amounted to an impressive $79,757,842 at the time of the exchange. Such substantial movements are not unprecedented, as recent weeks have witnessed transactions involving billions of Dogecoins.

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Community Speculation and Apprehensions

The massive DOGE transfer has sparked an animated discussion among Dogecoin enthusiasts, who are eager to unravel the motives behind the transaction. Speculations range from inquiries about the initiator and recipient of the transfer to concerns regarding a potential imminent DOGE market downturn. The community’s curiosity underscores the unpredictable and mysterious nature of large-scale movements in the cryptocurrency space.

Price Performance and Market Challenges

Simultaneously, Dogecoin’s price is grappling with efforts to break out of its current range. The meme-inspired cryptocurrency experienced a nearly 5% decline since Sunday, sliding from $0.0843 to $0.0803. Despite a marginal 2% increase, the asset encounters difficulties surpassing the $0.0816 resistance level. Despite numerous attempts, DOGE has struggled to maintain upward momentum, frequently retracing after brief surges.

Weekly Forecast: Peering into DOGE’s Future

Looking forward, Changelly’s Dogecoin weekly prediction anticipates a relatively subdued week for the meme coin. Expected to fluctuate between the $0.079873 and $0.083479 range, DOGE may witness a modest 2% surge. However, the forecast also underscores potential obstacles ahead, emphasizing the uncertainty and resistance levels Dogecoin might confront in the days to come.


As Dogecoin enthusiasts grapple with the repercussions of the substantial 990 million DOGE transfer, the cryptocurrency market remains as capricious as ever. The community’s speculations and Dogecoin’s ongoing struggle to break free from its current range contribute to an atmosphere of uncertainty, underscoring the importance of careful observation and analysis in the days ahead.

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