Dogecoin is not a joke but waiting for an “entertaining outcome”

Namrata Shukla
Source – Pixabay

Don’t judge a book by its cover may be an old proverb but it ages well when we speak of Dogecoin. At least its co-founder, Billy Markus thinks so. The co-founder who is no longer on the project expressed his surprise to people still having meltdowns finding out the emergence of Dogecoin was out of a joke.

Markus took to his Twitter and crafted,

Although many were unable to move past the beginning of DOGE, Tech-giant and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk showed his support to the crypto and Markus. Musk responded with one of his memorable responses,

“The most entertaining outcome is the most likely”

The Tesla CEO had used this exact tweet in April 2021 when he openly voiced his support to Dogecoin. So much so, he called it “the people’s crypto” and that it would be entertaining to see it become the “currency of Earth in the future.”

Dogecoin’s no joke

As Musk hopped on the Dogecoin bandwagon and more people started looking towards the DOGE, the project decided to take itself seriously and at least make payments available. Currently, DOGE is accepted by big names like the AMC theaters, Gaming giants like Nexon and Gamestop. To add to this list Mark Cuban, the well-known shark allowed people to shop for Merch for Dallas Mavericks.

As the support grows, Tesla also recently announced that the clients can buy its merchandise using Dogecoin. Surely, even if people were unable to afford a Tesla, they can spend their DOGE on the merch.

Apart from adoption, the team also put forth a trail map for the first time in December 2021. There were plans to keep DOGE decentralized along with changes in its appearance. However, only time can tell the true impact of these changes. For now, DOGE was trading at $0.165 with a slight gain of 0.78% in the past 24-hours and a market cap of $21.83 billion.