Donald Trump Blames President Biden for Bank Failures, Economic Catastrophe

Lavina Daryanani
Source: NBC News

The United States is in the midst of a banking crisis. An unfortunate demise of well-established banks has led to a wobbly economy. On one hand, regulators have been tossing life jackets to the sinking institutions. On the other, opposition party leaders are playing the blame game.

In a recent speech, former U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that he handed Joe Biden the “fastest economic recovery” in recorded history. However, he added, that as soon Biden came into office, “he quickly blew it all up. It was a shame,”. He added,

“So sad to watch. I knew what was happening, I could see it, and so could others.”

Trump further went on to blame Biden and the “radical” Democrat Congress for single-handedly creating the highest inflation in decades. He claimed that the inflation and the high-interest rates instigated the “Biden banking crisis.”, labeling the same to be “a disaster of historic proportions.” Trump added,

“We are seeing bank failures left and right. Biden and his enablers and Congress are directly responsible for creating this economic catastrophe. And with Joe Biden at the wheel, it will only get worst. That’s what’s happening in almost every single sector.”

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America needs a President who knows how to handle the economy: Trump

The former president also called out Biden for pursuing the “socialist joke”—the Green New Deal. According to the former President, the same is an “absolute disaster” for the country. Trump went on to assert America needs a President who knows how to handle the economy. Additionally, he went on to claim that under his leadership, the country went on to build “the greatest economy in the history of the world. In fact, we really did it twice”, and added,

“Now we will do it a third time, and this time it’ll stay. I will unleash American energy to get. prices down immediately. I will stop the Biden inflation nightmare, and that will go very quickly. I will reverse the Biden tax hikes and regulation hikes and return to a pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-worker policy that puts America first.”

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