Eco-Friendly DePIN Project eTukTuk Has Raised $1m in Presale – Could TUK Be Ready to Explode?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: eTukTuk

The eco-friendly DePIN project eTukTuk (TUK) has so far raised an impressive $1 million in its presale. The high figures demonstrate a strong interest in the project’s goal of revolutionizing transportation in developing countries.

With presale numbers this high already, the native TUK token seems primed for significant growth when it launches on exchanges later this year.

How eTukTuk Uses DePIN to Fight Back Against Climate Change

So, what exactly is eTukTuk, and how does it leverage decentralized infrastructure?

Put simply, eTukTuk aims to tackle climate change by deploying electric tuk-tuks and charging stations across developing nations.

It uses the DePIN model (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) to optimize this process.

Specifically, eTukTuk uses token incentives on both, the BNB Chain and Cardano network. This way individuals are involved in building and maintaining the network.

TUK holders can host charging stations to earn rewards, with developers and community members encouraged to get involved.

This DePIN approach allows eTukTuk to scale much faster by relying on a decentralized community instead of centralized management.

It also promotes sustainability, given that the community will be following environmentally responsible practices.

Additionally, as referenced in eTukTuk’s whitepaper, using TUK as the charging network’s primary payment method will enable financial inclusion for unbanked populations.

However, it’s not just electric tuk-tuks and charging stations that eTukTuk will be promoting.

The project’s development team also plans to launch a Crazy Taxi-style play-to-earn (P2E) game based on the streets of Sri Lanka.

eTukTuk Presale Hits $1m as Investors Clamor to Get In Early

Shifting focus to eTukTuk’s presale phase, the project has now raised just over $1 million in early funding, with investors from around the world clamoring to get involved.

This incredible performance, mainly due to surging interest from eco-conscious investors, brings eTukTuk on the brink of entering the next stage of its presale.

The project now requires just $130,000 more. Given the growing rate of investment, the project could achieve the funding milestone in a matter of days.

Such remarkable presale success highlights eTukTuk’s immense potential, with the 3% incremental price increases per stage incentivizing investors to buy in early.

Those who invested at the earliest stage now sit on paper gains of 31%, demonstrating why many view eTukTuk as a promising presale opportunity., a widely used website that tracks trending crypto launches, gave the project a rank of 5th.

Additionally, eTukTuk has managed to create a community of over 11,000 people on Telegram, with more joining every day.

Can TUK Show Exponential Growth Potential Once Listed on Exchanges?

With immense presale hype behind it, many investors are wondering whether TUK could explode in value once listed on exchanges.

Given the project’s ambitious roadmap, high staking rewards, and backing from influencers, the native token seems well-positioned for such a price surge.

eTukTuk plans to aggressively expand its electric vehicle network across Asia-Pacific over the next three years.

It will install charging stations and use AI systems to optimize efficiency, with TUK helping incentivize community involvement.

Additionally, TUK holders can obtain a jaw-dropping 216% APY in staking rewards, ensuring a strong “buy and hold” approach post-launch.

Top YouTubers like Jacob Bury and Michael Wrubel have also vocally supported the project, discussing eTukTuk’s potential to their combined audience of over 337,000 followers.

With exchange listings rumored to be in the pipeline, demand for the limited supply of 2 billion TUK tokens could create the ideal conditions for growth.

If eTukTuk manages to scale successfully and make progress on its sustainability goals, TUK could be one of the year’s must-watch crypto launches.

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