Edward Snowden: A National Government Has Bought Bitcoin

Source: NPR

Historic whistleblower and technology specialist Edward Snowden is predicting that a national government will be uncovered for purchasing Bitcoin without public knowledge. In a post on X, Snowden calls Bitcoin the “modern replacement for monetary gold” and adds that an unnamed government has taken part in this activity.

Based on his past whistleblowing exploits, Snowden could perhaps be alluding to the US, which possesses a known stash of seized Bitcoin. However, this could range for any country in the world, as Bitcoin has become a global cryptocurrency powerhouse. Snowden says that the culprit of this activity “will be revealed this year” but strictly labels this a prediction.

Bitcoin has been on the rise in 2024, seeing momentum reaching $61,000 in price just today. At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $61,049.60. The surge in BTC’s value comes during a backdrop of growing optimism and heightened trading activity within the crypto market.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden predicts that a national government will be uncovered for purchasing Bitcoin without public knowledge in 2024.

Amid growing crypto regulation globally, the reveal of a major government purchasing Bitcoin will be a major headline in 2024. If Edward Snowden is right and the US perhaps has taken in more Bitcoin than seizures publicly claim, this could set the tone for a momentous surge in the market. With repeated emphasis, however, this is just a prediction by Snowden, and he doesn’t tease which government this may be.

Snowden has been one to have private knowledge in the past and unveil it to the public. Therefore, perhaps he is teasing a huge leak of information already planned to come later in 2024. Could his prediction actually be a spoiler alert for major news later this year?