El Salvador will host World Blockchain Festival in April

Vignesh Karunanidhi
El Salvador Will Host World Blockchain Festival in April
Source: Pixabay

El Salvador announced that the World Blockchain Festival would be held in the month of April from 21st to 23rd. The event will be held in the capital San Salvador.

El Salvador envisions bringing together experts from various fields through the World Blockchain festival. It will act as a forum for discussing and spreading vision and experiences about the different technologies that the ecosystem encircles.

The event will also include musical concerts, trade fairs, and speeches by industry experts. It will also host commercial and recreational activities for the attendees.

The event, sponsored by El Salvador, will be organized by Spartan Hill. The Columbian company specializes in hosting blockchain events. The event will revolve around the different trends in the blockchain industry, including DeFi, metaverse, NFTs, etc.

What will the World Blockchain Festival bring to the table?

The event is considered one of the biggest blockchain events to be conducted in El Salvador. The World Blockchain Festival will be offering workshops, a shark tank, and a beach club, in addition to conferences and educational talks. According to the event’s organizers, additional areas will be devoted to gaming, NFT, and the metaverse.

The WBF’s first edition will offer attendees immersive experiences pertaining to the metaverse. Various conferences will be held covering the most relevant topics in the industry, as well as NFT auctions and a hackathon.

As per the information from the organizing company, the tickets are already available for the event. Those who purchase the tickets would be allowed to participate in some of the additional activities, including concerts, workshops, drinks, appetizers. Etc.

Few industry experts who will shed their knowledge at the event are entrepreneur and angel investor Evan Luthra, Philip Ong, entrepreneur and investor from Singapore.

Additional guests Senator Indira Kempis, founder of CrownBits.io Bitcoin Rewards, Austin Davis, Juan Diego Gómez, writer, columnist, and CEO of Inversión Mejor, and Justin Ballard, founder, and CEO of JAI Energy, will be at the event.

El Salvador’s never-ending support for Bitcoin

Ever since El Salvador announced its decision to make Bitcoin a legal tender, global nations flipped. Few of the countries who realized the true potential of cryptocurrency vouched, while the rest wished for doom.

Even though the IMF urged them to remove Bitcoin as a legal tender, Nayib Bukele stood steady with his decision. To date, the country has accumulated over 1,801 Bitcoins. El Salvador is also planning to launch its Bitcoin bond.

Even though there might be a few cracks and crevices in the country’s crypto revolution, El Salvador will stay ahead of other countries, with global acceptance right next door.