Elon Musk fires Engineer who corrected him on Twitter

Lavina Daryanani
Source: NDTV.com

Elon Musk’s initial few days at Twitter were characterized by my mass firings. As soon as he took over the reins at the social media company, the executive laid off thousands of contractors with minimal notice.

Well, it now seems like the said spree has not yet come to an end. In a development that shaped up recently, Musk announced the firing of an engineer who questioned his assessment.

On November 13, Musk tweeted an apology for Twitter being “super slow” in many countries, saying that the app was doing “>1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render timelines.” Eric Frohnhoefer, a developer claiming to have worked on Twitter for Android for years, tweeted that Musk’s assessment was wrong.

The billionaire then asked him the correct figure and what developers had done to resolve it. A host of others started replying back on the same thread. While some supported the engineer, others outrightly called him out.

In fact, a particular user opined that he should have informed his boss “privately,” to which Frohnhoefer replied, “Maybe he [Musk] should ask questions privately” via Slack or E-Mail.

Then, users started tagging Musk and asking if he wanted a person with “this kind of attitude” on his team. Unhesitatingly, the new Twitter executive responded by saying, “He’s fired.”

Other tech giants continue laying off staff

Leaving aside Musk and his unconventional firing announcement on Twitter, other top companies also seem to be treading on the same path. Last week Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Meta’s layoffs will affect around 11,000 employees, accounting for around 13% of the company’s workforce.

Tech-giant Amazon, on the other hand, is also reportedly planning to fire 10,000 employees from corporate and tech positions this week. If Amazon conducts this layoff, it would be the largest in the history of the company.

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