Elon Musk: Microsoft Illegally Trained AI With Twitter Data

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Elon Musk says Microsoft illegally trained their AI software using Twitter Data. In recent tweets, he alleges that the technology corporation has done this, ripped off Twitter’s database, and sold its Data to other parties.

This comes shortly after Microsoft dropped the social media platform from its advertising platform, refusing to pay the application’s API fees.

The API provides data on the kinds of conversations occurring on the platform, which helps researchers understand what the online world is talking about.

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Elon Musk has previously shared concerns over Microsoft, in particular to the company’s access to Chat GPT technology. He has voiced his strong opinion on both Microsoft and AI technology in the past. Musk now threatens to sue the corporation outright for using Twitter Data in the training of its AI tech.

Microsoft has yet to respond to Musk’s allegations or threat to sue. Musk himself hasn’t shared further comments on pursuing the lawsuit.