Elon Musk’s Obsession with Dogecoin is Bizarre, Says Peter Schiff’s Son Spencer

Vinod Dsouza
Elon Musk Dogecoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has gone all in for Dogecoin after he purchased the meme-token in early 2021. Musk has been tweeting and talking about Dogecoin continuously since then making its price boost to new levels.

The SpaceX founder is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year-2021 and spoke about Dogecoin in an interview with the magazine. However, Peter Schiff’s son Spencer isn’t impressed with Musk’s Doge fixation and tweeted that the Tesla CEO is “obsessed” with it.

In a Twitter thread under Musk’s interview with Time Magazine posted by Bitcoin Meme Hub who said, “It’s almost 2022 and @elonmusk still does not know about the #bitcoin Lightning Network.”

Peter Schiff’s son, Spencer Schiff wasted no time and jumped in on the bandwagon commenting, “He does. He’s mentioned it before. But for some reason he’s still obsessed with Doge, which is bizarre.”

Who Is Peter Schiff? Why Does He Doesn’t Believe in Dogecoin, Bitcoin

For the uninitiated, Peter Schiff is a chief economist, global strategist and the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. He is an expert in the stock market and gold trading and firmly believes that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value. Schiff had tweeted, “There is nothing special about Bitcoin”. He also tweeted, ”altcoins will keep growing until the crypto bubble pops” and predicted that the ”prices will implode almost overnight.”

To keep it in a simple words, Peter Schiff is a Bitcoin and Dogecoin naysayer who believes the crypto market will not have a long future. His son Spencer has accepted Bitcoin but believes in his father’s words too.

However, HEX founder Richard Heart slammed Peter Schiff for his statements about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Heart labeled Schiff a “financial terrorist” and stated that the stock market has not made a common man earn millions but the crypto market has.

Richard Heart tweeted, “How about I just intellectually b*tch slap you all over any medium you have the balls to face me? Hell you can even bring some backup and tag em in when your tears get too thick. You are a financial terrorist and anyone that’s followed you had been massively harmed by you. Pleb”.

At the time of publishing, Dogecoin was trading at $0.17 and is up +0.61% in the 24-hours day trade.