Epic Games List NFT-Based Game Blankos Block Party

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Source: TweakTown

Epic Games, the creators behind Fortnite, have listed the first NFT-based game on their store, Blankos Block Party. The web3 game is the first NFT-powered game to launch on the Epic Games store.

Mythical Games launched the beta for Blankos Block Party in 2020. According to the studio, the game has amassed over one million players to date.

The game will not be the last NFT-powered one to launch on the Epic Games store. Developer Gala Games previously announced that its Western-themed shooter Grit would be the first NFT game on Epic Games. However, it is not available yet.

Blankos Block Party has users work together in a vibrant online world. It incorporates NFTS to represent in-game items available to purchase and equip. Since its launch, the game has added plenty of celebrity partners, including DJ Deadmau5 and Atari.

For those unfamiliar with NFTs, the game does not require you to purchase one to play. You can still purchase and play the game without using the NFT incorporation. The game is still in “early access,” and resembles the same version as the one you can play on the game’s website. Blankos Block Party will be available on Sept. 28.