Ethereum Denver Website Falls Target to Scammers, Fake Site Stole Over $300,000

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Ethereum Denver Website Falls Target to Scammers, Fake Site Stole Over $300,000
Source: Kaspersky

Hackers and scammers are becoming more prevalent as the popularity of cryptocurrencies rises. Scammers try every possible method to defraud cryptocurrency investors, including fake websites, phishing emails, and cryptocurrency hacks.

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The latest scheme that has been identified recently is the fake Ethereum Denver website. Impersonators have created a fake website of the Ethereum Denver conference website to initiate a phishing scheme that has stolen over $300,000 worth of Ethereum.

Ethereum Denver team warns the community

The fake website was identified by Blockfence, which highlighted that over 2800 wallets fell prey to the attack over the past six months. The fake website has also come to the attention of the ETH Denver website, which then put out a tweet to warn its community.

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The team also asked the community to report the fake website. The website also appears above the original website during a Google search. It is possible, as the scammers have paid for Google advertisements to display themselves at the top of the feed.

Source: Google

This is another prime example of exercising caution while connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to any website. There is a high chance that these websites could also be created by scammers. So, it is always advised to check the legitimacy of the website before proceeding and risking your wallets.

Users can also make use of the Revoke tool to revoke the contract address while dealing with situations where you have to connect your wallet.