Ethereum ETF: Expert Predicts Official Launch in Next Two Weeks

Joshua Ramos

The highly-anticipated Spot Ethereum ETF is expected to launch in two weeks, according to expert Nate Geraci. The co-founder of The ETF Institute, Geraci, took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss the timeline for the second crypto-based ETF set to launch in the United States.

The process took a massive step Monday as VanEck officially filed an S-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The filing is expected to be the first of many, Bloomberg analyst Erich Balchunas shared. The process is coming along, and now has July 15th slated as the day trading will likely begin.

Source: Blockchain Reporter

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Ethereum ETF To Launch Mid-July As S-1 Filings Arrive

On May 23rd of this year, the SEC approved the creation of Spot Ethereum ETFs. However, that did not mean the process was finished, as issuers were still discussing a potential launch date with the agency. As that has continued, the official arrival date has come into view.

The initial forecast predicted a July 4th arrival. Thereafter, experts said July 8th was likely. Now, Spot Ethereum ETFs have been predicted to launch in the next two weeks, according to ETF expert Nate Geracci.

Geraci said he would be “[shocked] if Spot ETH ETFs not trading within the next 2 weeks.” Moreover, he added that “later next week a possibility,” while telling his followers that the “week of July 15th” was more likely.

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In a subsequent post, Geraci said the “timing of the filings,” was their basis for his forecast. “Most issuers still have to submit amendments on Monday.” That has already taken place, with VanEck’s recent filing, and many more are expected throughout the week.

Then, Geraci further solidified his prediction. He told his followers that the launch depends on “how quickly” the SEC turns around the filings. Moreover, Geraci once again reported his assumption that “issuers are gearing up for launch in next week or two.”