Ethereum PoW Community says ‘Hard Fork is Inevitable’


Ethereum proof-of-work community has reiterated that a “hard fork is inevitable” in a recently published blog post.

The community revealed that there is no going back on its plan with the Hard Fork while responding to a recent letter by the ETC Cooperative. 

The ETC Cooperative had argued that an Ethereum PoW hard fork might not work because of the level of tasks required to make it happen. 

EthereumPoW community however revealed that works are already in place to make the hard fork a success.

According to the post, the community had already disabled the difficulty time bomb, updated the Chain ID to provide replay protection, and completed testnet preparation, thereby putting the plans in the advanced stages. 

The blog post continued that the hard fork also enjoys support from the relevant stakeholders in the industry including top crypto exchanges, miners, and mining machine manufacturers.

Some crypto exchanges like OKX, Poloniex, and prominent personalities in the industry like Justin Sun have expressed support for the hard fork.

Ethereum PoW Does Not Think Miners Will Migrate to ETC

The PoW community also countered ETC’s claim that Ethereum miners would migrate to its chain after the Merge. According to EthereumPoW, the Ethereum Blockchain has the superior computing power to that of Ethereum Classic. 

The “small pool of ETC cannot hold the entire computing power pool of ETH at all. This is a hard fact,” EthereumPoW said in the response. 

Part of the blog post reads: “How will ETHPoS progress in the next five years, and will ETHPoS still exist? This is all uncertain. Just in case, we believe that all parties should unite to make a hot backup for the decentralized DeFi and NFT world, compete with ETHPoS together, and leave another possibility for the world.”

However, the EthereumPoW agreed with the concern of ETC Cooperative that ERC assets like stablecoins, DeFi, and NFT will have no place on its chain.

Meanwhile, Ethereum developers have recently revealed that the Merge could happen as early as September 15.