EverRise: A Game-Changing Cryptocurrency with a Promising Future


EverRise (RISE) token is relatively new in the cryptocurrency market, but it is already ranking among the biggest gainers. This token is designed to rise in value, thanks to a few exceptional features. Here is an overview of the EverRise cryptocurrency, what makes it exceptional, and where to buy some.

What is EverRise?

EverRise is a collateralized and hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency. Collateralization means that holders of the RISE token are awarded rewards on every transaction. Hyper-deflationary, on the other hand, means that the cryptocurrency’s developers have an effective plan to ensure that the token’s value keeps rising, hence the name EverRise.

EverRise is also the first cryptocurrency to offer an automatic buyback option. Its exceptional design has made it popular with investors, despite being relatively new in the market. The cryptocurrency currently has a daily trading volume of more than $400,000.

A Winning Strategy

EverRise gives investors good returns on their investments. It employs two winning strategies:

  • Automating Buyback & Burn

One of the most notable things about EverRise is that it is its automatic buyback option. Buyback entails the developers buying back some tokens from the free market, getting them out of circulation. In addition to the buyback, the purchased tokens are destroyed (burned), completely removing them from the circulation.

The automatic buyback and burn protocol helps jolt the token’s value. Developers buying back many tokens increase the token’s demand directly. This action also inspired confidence in investors, encouraging them to buy more tokens, too. More importantly, it reduces the number of tokens in circulation, leveraging the natural forces of demand and supply in the free market.

  • Rewards

EverRise also rewards its users for every transaction made. Users get 2% of the transaction’s volume upon completion, and the rewards are instantly deposit to their wallets. These rewards add up over time.

Where to Buy the RISE Token

EverRise (RISE token) is available on many cryptocurrency trading platforms, including online crypto brokers and decentralized agencies (DEXs). EverRise recommends purchasing from online brokers because of their reliable services and affordable fees.

Different cryptocurrency trading platforms offer varying qualities of services. Ever Rise recommends transacting with the following:

  • Coin Kong Trader

Coin Kong Trader is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform registers a daily profitability rate of up to 60%, and its performance remains consistent even during high volatility. The platform is also secure and affordable.

Ever Rise also recommends downloading the TRUSTWALLET to store your RISE tokens. It is also advisable to enable the TRUST browser, but this option is only available for iPhone users.

EverRise Takeaway

The purpose of EverRise is to grow its investors’ value. Users can earn with this token simply by buying and holding it, and they are rewarded for every transaction. Ensure that you buy your RISE tokens only from trusted online cryptocurrency brokers.

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