EXCLUSIVE: Steven Cooper Says Shytoshi Kusama Mentioning Bigger Entertainment is a Huge Honour

Vinod Dsouza

Steven Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment ‘SHIB Burn’ playlist turned out to be a huge hit in the Shiba Inu community. His work was so authentic that even Shytoshi Kusama mentioned him in his latest Medium blog post. Shytoshi praised Steven and his firm Bigger Entertainment for doing all they can to help the SHIB burn process.

“Moreover, this Dog Park and Sniff Score will allow us to showcase some amazing ShibArmy members including Steven Cooper and his musical burning playlist,” wrote Shytoshi.

Stoked by being mentioned by Shytoshi, Steven Cooper spoke exclusively to Watcher Guru saying it’s a honour to be mentioned by him. “It was a huge honour to be mentioned in the medium. I think it played a huge part is solidifying Shytoshi’s support for what we’re doing and publicly letting the SHIB community know that we will follow through on our end,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with Watcher Guru, Steven Cooper had previously said about his work. ”We have burned more than 100 million coins in just over two weeks by sending them to the ‘dead wallet’ that Vitalik Buterin also burned his 410 trillion coins to.

”All of our burns are posted publicly to be verified by the community and can be found on our website.”

“Another 3,378,034 #shib gone forever! This brings the total to 561,341,481 total burned since launching our campaign. Shoutout to our artist Landes Plane for this one. Contributing once again to the burns through our playlists,” tweeted Steven. In addition, he tweeted the Etherscan link as proof of the burn.

Steven Cooper and Shytoshi Kusama: Dedicated To Shiba Inu

The owner of Bigger Entertainment is dedicated to the SHIB Burner playlist and scaled up the process quickly. He also launched merch such as t-shirts, posters and it went flying off the shelves in a matter of days. The amount will be used in the ‘Shib Burn’ process.

In no time, Steven became a famous figure in the SHIB community and investors now look up to him. He’s a commanding force in the Shiba army and doing his bit to make it reach the 1 Cent mark.

“For the newcomers. We’ve created playlists that burn #shib while you discover new music. Real burns and verified by @ShytoshiKusama himself. All playlists, a burn counter, and Etherscan transactions can be found here: http://Biggerentertainment.com Keep sharing! #shiba #ShibaArmy,” he tweeted explaining how the SHIB Burn works.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00003990 and is up +1.01% in the 24-hours day trade. The coin is sending mixed signals but analysts believe its bull run will begin yet again in the coming months.