Fidelity, BlackRock, and Crypto’s Next Bull Run

Joshua Ramos
Source: CryptoPotato

With a combined $14 trillion in assets, Forbes has reported that Fidelity and BlackRock are “quietly laying the groundwork,” for crypto’s next bull run. Specifically, the report notes that the two financial entities have been expanding into the world of Bitcoin and Ethereum amidst a budding banking crisis.

Last year saw the industry hit with a frigid crypto winter that rocked the market. Now, as traditional finance takes its biggest hits in years, the digital asset sector is seemingly unscathed. Thus, some companies are preparing to make strides within it.

Fidelity Investments

Companies Prepping for a Crypto Bull Run

The last few weeks have seen the global finance sector embrace a new form of panic. Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the United States witnessed the largest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis. Subsequently, the entire banking industry faced tremendous concern with liquidity questions abounding.

Yet, the digital asset industry has not seen the same response. Moreover, it has only gotten stronger since the start of the year, following a detrimental 2022 that thoroughly threatened it. Conversely, it seems some financial institutions are preparing for an impending crypto bull run.

Source: Financial News London

Specifically, Forbes reported that both Fidelity and BlackRock are “quietly laying the groundwork,” for crypto’s next bull run. With a combined $14 trillion in assets, the report notes that both financial institutions are making expansive efforts into what world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos.

The report stated, “The Bitcoin price has added around 70% since the beginning of the year as traders brace for a potential Federal Reserve u-turn, helping Ethereum price rally.” Adding that these facets have led to the expansion of both companies, to hopefully take advantage of the thriving crypto market, and the banking systems downturn.