FIS and Fireblocks Partner up to Bring Crypto Services to Capital Markets

Vignesh Karunanidhi
FIS and Fireblocks Partner up to Bring Crypto Services to Capital Markets
Source: Cryptonary

Crypto seems to be grabbing global mainstream attention. International institutions are looking for ways to indulge themselves in the emerging class. Some of them want to get in just for the FOMO, while others realize the true potential of the asset class and want to be a part of its growth.

But in most cases, institutions find themselves in a maze when it comes to crypto trading and getting on track with brokers and exchanges.

FIS and Fireblocks envision providing a global solution

FIS is a global fintech company with a wide array of more than 6,400 clients. The company seeks to provide its international clients with a complete setup of crypto services that include holding various crypto, stablecoin payments, lending and borrowing platforms, or accessing the DeFi market. Etc.

“Globally, we are making it really easy for our client base to procure and take advantage of the Fireblocks platform.”

John Avery, Head for Crypto and Digital Assets FIS

Fireblocks’ solutions will be available to all of FIS’s more than 6,400 capital markets clients, beginning with its 1,000+ partners onboarded to its network, enabling rapid, secure, and low-cost transfers throughout the world.

Any exchange can provide trading services, but what truly makes Fireblocks stand out is what it can provide beyond trading services. As the possibilities of earning passive incomes with lending and staking facilities are on the rise, Fireblocks can provide its advanced clients with lending, staking, and decentralized finance.

This collaboration is not just for widening the market and services of the institutions. It is a notable example of how institutions are inching toward the crypto realm. It also shows how the institutions are seriously considering diving into the crypto industry. FIS continues to diversify its crypto and digital asset products for clients in a variety of areas, including card-to-crypto and other money-transfer services.