Floki Inu: What’s Next After The Valhalla Metaverse Battle Arena Alpha Testnet Rollout?

Lavina Daryanani
Source: investing.com

Earlier this week, the Floki Inu team announced that the Alpha Battle Arena portion of Valhalla was open to the public. Essentially, gamers wanting to join the alpha testing can now start playing in this particular area. They’re also free to drop in their respective feedback to the team.

As such, Valhalla is Floki’s NFT metaverse game, powered by the native FLOKI token. Per the team’s latest blog post, the Valhalla Battle Arena features “strategic, turn-based combat” and an “addictive levelling system.”

This update also revealed a new Vera – “the enigmatic and powerful Hushroom” [picture in the tweet embedded]. Simply put, Veras is playable creatures that possess a host of abilities that would be accessible through up-leveling. Additionally, they’d have different personalities that would affect the growth stats.

The ‘play to earn’ essence

Gamers, in addition to being rewarded for battling, would be able to sell everything they own in the metaverse and when they please.

Additionally, Valhalla will feature “A-level” game mechanics on the blockchain. The same includes on-chain gaming interactions and upgradeable NFTs.

The game is designed to take a huge chunk of FLOKI tokens out of circulation. The only way to buy in-game items in Valhalla will be with in-game tokens [which will be FLOKI or can only be bought with FLOKI]. Also, Valhalla will incentivize people to spend FLOKI to advance through the game more easily. The same would boost utility and drive the actual demand for the FLOKI token.

So, with the rise in adoption, a supply crunch might be created and token HODLers would end up benefiting from the same as well.


Well, the team working on Valhalla is quite experienced and has a host of planned things in the pipeline already.

The Alpha launch of the Battle Arena is a step in the right direction and further Valhalla patches are expected to be gradually released, well ahead of the final release of the full game this year. As far as the next step is concerned, the team plans to release the guild system, which would bring a social element to Valhalla.

Notably, the Valhalla team has been working on NFT games since the year 2017. The Floki Team has been delivering on various fronts and looks like time too, they’d hit the nail on the head.

Our next article would take you through how exactly the game functions. Stay tuned!