Floki Makes Major New Announcement

Juhi Mirza
Floki Inu Makes Strides with Three Fresh Exchange Listings, Stirring Price Fluctuations
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Floki Inu, a notable meme coin ruling the crypto space, has recently made a fresh announcement about launching a new Telegram bot.

The bot was launched on the BNB network, which intends to help its investors holistically trade crypto tokens. The launch intends to bolster Floki Inu’s presence in the crypto space by promoting a robust demand for the token, ushering in a renewed interest surge for the token.

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Floki Inu Telegram Bot: What Is It?

Floki Inu
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The developers are referring to the bot as “Floki Trading Bot” and have launched the new product on Ethereum, BNB, and Base blockchains. The product is currently available in the beta phase and will be available to 150 users on a first come first serve basis.

“The Floki Trading Bot is an innovative multi-chain Telegram on-chain trading bot designed to provide a seamless trading experience. With just a few taps, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in seconds across different chains. We aim to advance the way you trade, making it faster, easier, and more efficient.”

Elaborating more on the details, the handle shared that the bot users will initially be charged 1% on every trade. The bot will be using Floki as its main token and will continue to contribute 50% of its fee to assist in the burning process of the Floki tokens.

“The Floki Trading Bot charges a 1% fee on every trade and uses FLOKI as its main utility token: 50% of this fee buys and burns $FLOKI, while the rest goes to the Floki Treasury. This will enhance the utility of the FLOKI token while accelerating its deflation.”

Floki Price Forecast

As the Floki Inu ecosystem continues to expand and grow, the price of the meme coin will also gain credible momentum per several crypto platforms. According to Coincodex, Floki Inu may spike 200% in June to trade at a new price threshold.

“The price of Floki Inu may rise by 228.80% and reach $0.000894 by June 27, 2024. Per our technical indicators, the current sentiment is bullish, while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 72 (greed). Floki Inu recorded 16/30 (53%) green days with 13.31% price volatility over the last 30 days.”

Similarly, the token may surge 40% by June 4 and may ultimately climb up to trade at a price level of $0.000404.

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“The Floki Inu price forecast for the next 30 days is a projection based on the positive and negative trends. Based on these projections, FLOKI will be changing hands at $0.000404 on June 4, 2024, gaining 48.71% in the process.”