FLOKI Responds to Investigations by the UK Advertising Authority

floki inu
Source: insidebitcoins.com

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is reportedly looking into all Cryptocurrencies including Floki Inu’s adverts. The adverts are on public transport in London, notably, the Tube. The team has been quick to respond to the attack. According to FLOKI Inu, this is nothing but an attack from malicious law makers.

Watcher.Guru contacted Floki Inu for comments on the matter and this is what they had to say:

Official Press Release by FLOKI Inu

Officials from Floki Inu have reached out to clear the air on the allegations. Floki Inu maintains that “The FLOKI advertisements placed through Transport for London followed due process and were legally cleared before they went live.”

The London lawmakers seem to take issue with the Floki Inu project, citing little known about the creators.

To this, Floki Inu clarified that “Our decision not to prominently feature team members on our website is intentional: to make it clear that FLOKI is THE PEOPLE’s cryptocurrency and a movement focused on them — as is the case with some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies.”

Floki Inu also maintains that the attack against their advertisements is unwarranted. They note that the pushback is “by a certain political party is an attack against cryptocurrency and against the people’s freedom of choice — a clear attempt at censorship.”

However, lead developer Jackie Xu is known. He is “well regarded in the industry and once worked on the Vyper project alongside Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.”


Floki Inu noted that Cryptocurrencies are not illegal in the United Kingdom and that “at least 2.3 million Britons hold cryptocurrencies.” The team also condemned the fact that London lawmakers allow nudity and other inappropriate advertisements saying, “Ads that make women feel shameful about their bodies as well as ads about Viagra and junk food are allowed to run freely on the Tube…” According to observations by the team, it would seem that there is a war out to stifle growth of the future of finance.

Floki’s team has locked liquidity for 265 years. Additionally, the contract is multi-signatory hence effectively safe from any “rug pull” Furthermore, Floki has done some charitable deeds with the profits from its massive success. They donated $1.4 million, which was 100% of money raised in an NFT sale, to charity. On top of that, Floki is also “working with Pencils of Promise to build schools in Africa and other regions of the world.”

Facts About Floki Inu

The Floki Inu team is not completely anonymous. The lead developer’s name is Jackie Xu, and he is from the Netherlands. 

Floki is a project of the community, created on June 25, 2021. The developer abandoned the project, and the Floki community took over and resurrected it.

Floki’s Head of Marketing, Sabre(pseudo), is an influential businessman from London. Mr. Brown, another member of the Floki team, was one of the first people to invest in NFTs. Mr. Brown is also a council member of Ether Cards. Ether Cards is a $1.7 billion NFT gamification and monetization framework.

Floki is based and registered in Georgia, a fact that is open to all strategic partners. Additionally, the team is working on “a PlayToEarn NFT gaming metaverse that will take millions of people out of unemployment.” 

Fear Uncertainty and Denial (FUD)

FUD is the spreading of information that could harm the reputations of an asset. This is regardless of whether the information is false or true. Floki remains strong and forges forward. The team is keeping the promise of putting the community first in everything.