Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says Federal Reserve Digital Dollar Threatens US Financial Freedom

Joshua Ramos
Source: Bloomberg

Speaking on the recent FedNow announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says that a Federal Reserve digital dollar threatens US financial freedom. Specifically, the potential 2024 presidential candidate says a CBDC could be nefariously utilized by the government to “control,” American finances.

Speaking at a Pennsylvania conference, DeSantis addressed the potential implementation of FED-issued digital currency. Moreover, he spoke on how this development could allow the government to interfere with, or even block, citizens’ transactions.

DeSantis Attacks FED Digital Dollar

Joining a recent outcry against the Federal Reserves FedNow system is yet another potential presidential candidate for 2024. Previously, Robert F. Kennedy spoke against the potential integration of a FED-developed digital dollar, and what that could mean for American finances.

Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says the Federal Reserve digital dollar is a potential threat to US financial freedom. Specifically, DeSantis and Kennedy are referring to the FedNow CBDC being planned for release this summer. A development that both have been outspokenly against.

Source: CNN

“They are going to try to impose an ESG agenda,” DeSantis stated, referring to environmental, social, and governance policies. “It is ceding the power of our financial freedom to a central bank which does not have our interest at heart,” the Florida Governor added.

These remarks follow previous action taken by DeSantis to ban the use of CBDCs in the state of Florida. Specifically, DeSantis introduced legislation to bar the use of any FED-issued digital currency, while calling on other state representatives to do the same.