Former FTX US President Will “Share in Time” What he Knows

Joshua Ramos
Source: CNBC

The Former FTX US president, Brett Harrison, has taken to Twitter to reveal that he will “share in time” regarding what he knows about the bankrupt platform. Responding to a Tweet asking the former executive about his understanding of FTX’s dealings, Harrison responded with a rather cryptic message.

Harrison has been surprisingly silent relative to his FTX counterparts on the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, as new developments occur seemingly every day over the wild developing story, the former president was clear there are still unknown details.

FTX President Will Reveal Unkown Details

There is no understating of the devastating impact of the FTX collapse on the cryptocurrency industry last year. Not only did one of the largest exchange platforms on the market go under, but its unearthed fraud scheme rocked faith in the industry from most investors.

Now, the platform is seemingly a daily story within the financial sector. With every day providing a new aspect to the already astounding fraudulent practices taking place. These careless practices took place at a rather well-known and previously well-respected cryptocurrency firm.

Subsequently, with many assuming that the stories must see an end eventually, there is one formerly involved executive who has stoked rumors once again. Former FTX President Brett Harrison has promised that he will “share in time” the details regarding what he knew and what he knows about the disgraced platform.

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Source: The New York Times

Harrison will be an interesting perspective to gain on the entire debacle, as he has yet to be accused of any wrongdoing. The former president stepped down in September of last year in a surprising move after only 18 months on the job. Reports at the time stated he was shifting into an advisory role with the company, as the platform spoke of trading circumstances as the reason.

Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison, and Gary Wang are all members of the FTX top brass charged with fraud, with Harrison still in the clear thus far. Furthermore, in a reply to a Tweet curious as to why he is “not in jail,” Harrison responded by stating, “use powers of inference.”