Fox News Mentions Shiba Inu as It Turns Out as the Talk of the Town

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Fox News Mentions Shiba Inu as It Turns Out as the Talk of the Town
Source: Binance Academy

Shibu has been getting major attention with its latest updates as Fox News Turkey also takes Shiba Inu’s name in their news. Shiba Inu has been going haywire with its latest updates and major news.

It was very well certain that the latest updates, including the Robinhood listing and SHIB Metaverse, have gained Shiba Inu major popularity. But SHIB has exceeded the expectations as it gets featured on Fox News Turkey. Fox News is one of the most popular TV networks.

The good news from Fox News Turkey is following Mustafa Elitaş, Minister of Economy, who discussed SHIB with one of the supporters from Turkey.

What made Shiba Inu go Viral?

Shiba Inu has recently gained a lot of momentum among the crypto community as it had several developments under the sleeve and was dropping them one by one.

Recently SHIB got listed on the Robinhood app, which spiked the coin price by almost 20%. The SHIB Metaverse went live recently, on April 13. The bidding event broke the expectations as it surpassed over 4500+ transactions ever since the launch. The initial auction lets users bid on 35,000 plots out of the total 66,000 available for sale.

SHIB fans have been eagerly waiting for the SHIB Metaverse to drop since Shytoshi leaked their plans to develop it. The major developments and updates made Shiba Inu go viral.

Crypto’s stance in Turkey

Ever since the Turkish Lira has been declining in value, the Turkish citizens have been eyeing alternative investments, including the most prominent cryptocurrencies, to hedge against the soaring inflation. For all newbies getting into cryptocurrencies with significantly less investment, alternative coins like Shiba Inu are the ones to go for. It is comparatively cheap compared to the most prominent cryptocurrencies.

With several developments in talks, SHIB has the potential to soar higher and attract more buyers.