FTX Owes Money to Apple, Binance, Netflix, and More According to New Filings

Joshua Ramos
Source: Top Class Actions

New court filings have shown that bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX, owes money to Apple, Binance, Coinbase, Netflix, and more. The names were revealed on the extensive FTX creditor list that went public today.

The 116-page document displays a host of well-known corporations and distinguishes the immense reach of FTX. Institutions, media companies, and fellow cryptocurrency exchange platforms adorn the list that did host 9.7 million redacted customer names according to Coindesk.

FTX Creditor List Goes Public

The collapse of FTX is undoubtedly one of the greatest scandals in the relatively young history of the crypto sector. A platform that was once praised for its reputable standing, has now plummeted to bankruptcy. Subsequently, seeing many of its founders and top brass were arrested for fraud.

Now, as the company is in the midst of its bankruptcy proceedings, the recently publicized creditor list shows FTX owes money to Apple, Binance, Netflix, and many more. The document is 116 pages long and features Universities, airlines, and even charities.

Source: Forbes

The filing was conducted by the FTX legal team and was a product of the ongoing bankruptcy court proceedings in the U.S. Court of Delaware. The judge on the case, John Dorsey, previously allowed the names of the creditors to remain sealed at January’s hearing. Conversely, he requested a list of institutional investors to be filled by the platform.

That request has led to the list of companies that now see their names on FTX’s seemingly endless creditors. There was a plethora of media companies like the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox, and the aforementioned Netflix. Accompanied by a host of crypto entities like Binance and Coinbase, and even Stanford University and its credit union.

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The credit list does not specifically state the amount of money each entry is owed. However, FTX had previously admitted to owing nearly $3.1 billion to its top 50 creditors according to Coindesk. Moreover, the report notes the two largest claims were for $226 million and $203 million.