Galaxy Heroes Coin: A SuperHero based NFT Markeplace for the future!


The NFT marketplace has exploded in 2021 and various protocols are making their entrance into the industry. However, not every project is made specifically for superheroes and Galaxy Heroes are currently tapping into that narrative. Galaxy Heroes Coin is a superhero-based gaming digital asset and Non-Fungible Token(NFT) based protocol. The token is community-driven towards superhero enthusiasts across the globe.

It is built on Binance Smart Chain and since its launch on October 1st, the protocol has developed a bridge to the Ethereum network in order to reach out to more investors. The coin is currently listed on more than 10 exchanges and it developing towards a Solana and Cardano Bridge in the future.

Galaxy Heroes Coin: A high-level DeFi experience for users

The main objective of Galaxy Heroes Coin is to offer its users one of the best experiences in the Decentralize Finance Industry. In order to do that, the protocol has multiple levels of a network offering different unique products. Its Decentralized Exchange or DEX, offers users the option to swap tokens, add liquidity to the DEX, receive LP tokens, stake and farm digital assets, and participate in various NFT auctions via their own NFT marketplace.

According to their website, GHC currently has a market cap of $100 million and the protocol offers users 2,500 unique galaxy heroes NFTs. GHC’s NFT marketplace was launched recently on November 27th, and users would bought the earlier 2500 minted hero collection, flocked to the marketplace to establish higher market value. According to data,

“Over 100 heroes from the collection were listed within a few days of the marketplace’s launching, varying anywhere between 1–100 BNB. Just days after the NFT marketplace launched, the second GHC collection of villains hit the scene, selling out the 2500 mint collection in under an hour. The Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace is now filled with nearly 350 epic heroes and villains.”

In addition to that, the marketplace has now introduced a new filter option. The system will allow users to search for their preferred NFTs more directly. According to the system, the options are related to the price, either from low to high or high-to-low. Similarly, users will also have the ability to search for NFTs that are currently being bid on. All auctions run for a total of 72 hours after the initial bid takes place, thereafter ending and the sale is finalized. Additional details are available on GHC’s medium post.

GHC Tokenomics

Network Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Ticker (GHC)
Contract Address: 0x683fae4411249ca05243dfb919c20920f3f5bfe0
Decimals: (9)

Network Ethereum (ERC-20)
Contract Address: 0x2d9105814c1839b1950ea4fa5642308f7e4259c2
Decimals: (9)

Buy/Sell 9%
3% Liquidity Providers( 15-20% at all times)
2% Marketing Wallet (Influencers)
2% Buyback Wallet(For staking)
2% Dev Wallet (No supply held)

Achievements and Future Goals

While GHC was only launched in October, it already has a market cap that is more than $100 million. The token is also listed on CoinMarketCap and the token’s smart contract code is also audited by Certik and it has over 40,000 holders. In addition to that, the protocol has burned over 6.8% of its total supply and 4000 BNB has been used in buybacks.

Galaxy Heroes Coin has massive ambition as it wants to become the largest NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. The protocol’s first phase focuses on creating superhero NFTs, GameFI, and is hoping to collaborate with Marvel Studies on NFT projects.

For more information about Galaxy Heroes Coin, please visit their official website.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and it should not be taken as investment advice.