GameStop GME Price Prediction: June 2024

GameStop to Wind Down NFT Marketplace Amid Regulatory Uncertainty
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The GameStop GME token has been soaring to new highs since Roaring Kitty returned in early May, and the asset hasn’t slowed down. Roaring Kitty, real name Keith Gill, saw his GME investments reach $85,460,000 unrealized profit on Monday, and holders are expecting more gains in June 2024.

The GME token has benefited from the ongoing GameStop stock saga. The video game retail store nearly doubled in pre-market trading earlier Monday. According to CoinMarketCap, the token has also enjoyed a 2,300% surge in its trading volume over the last 24 hours.

gamestop gme stock
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Currently, the GME token is trading at $0.01343, up over 280% today, and is fast approaching its $0.015 all-time high. With the coin being extremely bearish to begin June, price predictions for GameStop’s GME are certain that all-time highs are imminent. For the rest of 2024, GME is predicted to maintain a steady price pace with a few bearish days. The recent surge also makes investors extremely optimistic, sparking updated predictions.

Based on market analysis and new price predictions, GameStop GME is expected to reach as high as $0.035 during this surge and perhaps higher as the year approaches its midpoint. With the bulls having a strong grasp on GME, the GameStop token is looking to continue climbing the charts. If Roaring Kitty speaks on the surge or shares any additional posts about the asset, it may see predictions double again. Thus, $0.10 would be a potential perspective.

Moreover, GME joins assets like Dogwifhat (WIF) and Book of Meme (BOME) as major competitors within the meme coin sector. Especially with its growth, the coin can perhaps outshine those meme coins in June as well.