GameStop Soars 60%: How High Can GME Peak In The Near Future? 

Juhi Mirza

The GameStop token has been soaring to new highs and is up 60% in the last 24 hours. Per CoinMarketcap, the token has spiked nearly 960% in the last month, disseminating stellar value propositions to its holders and investors. Let’s see whether GME will continue to keep its pace intact as before by the end of May 2024.

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What Is The GameStop Token All About?

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GameStop, or GME token, is currently a trending token on CoinMarketCap at press time. The token is trading at $0.005938, up 60% at the time of writing. The token was launched as a tribute to GameStop’s “short squeeze in 2021,” fueling the token’s meteoric ascent to a new level.

Image: Coinmarketcap

The token’s trailblazing ascent was triggered by Roaring Kitty’s Keith Gill, the entity responsible for fueling the GameStop stock surge. The token caught incredible market momentum after Roaring Kitty marked its much-awaited comeback on X, triggering a massive price rally for GME tokens.

The surge triggered a renewed market pace for the token, helping it spike nearly 30 times in terms of its pricing and valuation.

Per Coingecko, the token intends to refurbish and bring back the financial glory mimicked in the year 2021.

“To replicate the events of January 2021—rebelling against the financial titans and creating value solely with the power of the community—and also to grow the value of the GME meme coin beyond the market cap of the GameStop stock.“

GME Price Forecast: What’s In Store For GameStop Token?

The GameStop or GME token is riding on bullish hype, which is subjected to dissipation unless it’s fueled by a regular narrative. Per the technical platform, Techopedia, the GME price forecast for May looks particularly lucrative as the token may record stable price highs while maintaining its current price stance.

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“Another pump for $GME in 2024 also seems likely. Although we forecast that it won’t have the same strength as the surge that just passed. We predict a run-up as high as $0.015, which represents a gain of 3.5x from the $0.0043 average price. Any price movement to this level is likely to be sharp and short-lived. So only traders who already own $GME at the start of the surge are likely to find profitable opportunities.”

For the year 2024, Biztech Africa predicts the token to spike and trade around $0.016517 to $0.019853 price levels.

Image: Biztech Africa

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