Garlinghouse Shares How XRP Can Become an Efficient Digital Asset

Juhi Mirza
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Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has come up with new insights, leveraging XRP’s sophisticated nature. In a new video making the rounds on X, Garlinghouse can be seen discussing XRP’s potential use cases. He later shared how altcoin has the potential to solve a multi-trillion-dollar problem. 

The statement also shows Garlinghouse praising XRP, adding how it can be an “efficient digital asset” concerning its potential use cases. 

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XRP has the potential to be an “efficient digital asset.”

In a new video statement on X, Ripple’s CEO has been noted discussing potential use cases of XRP.

Speaking about Ripple’s future success, he shared how the altcoin has the potential to solve a string of consumer concerns efficiently. 

He further shared how XRP is poised to encounter a surge in demand. He noted due to XRP’s potential for seamless integration with a variety of different platforms, the altcoin will rise in the near future. 

“There are investors who are interested in speculating on where XRP is going to go. To an extent, we are successful in solving a multi-trillion-dollar problem using XRP and integrating XRP into those flows. It’s going to drive a lot of demand for XRP.“ Garlinghouse later shared.  

Speaking on XRP’s use cases, Garlinghouse shared how XRP can be particularly adept at solving a plethora of consumer’s financial woes.

“I think there are a lot of other consumer use cases where we think XRP can be an efficient digital asset.“

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Ripple’s Long-Term Dreams and Ambitions 

Discussing Ripple’s future in detail, Garlinghouse further shared how he envisions Ripple to pan out in the near future. 

Drawing comparisons with commercial giant Amazon, Garlinghouse shared how Amazon mastered one vertical first, before moving toward other sectors. 

“Ripple is focused on payments. We think of it kind of like Amazon. Amazon was good with books. The company’s name was Amazon Books. it wasn’t Amazon, and then they decided to move to other verticals. When I think about what Ripple is trying to do, we want to solve extremely large problems around payments and liquidity on a global basis.”

Ripple’s spree of successful corporate endeavors also has sparked user interest. Ripple has constantly been striking new alliances with global giants and market leaders. Its latest acquisition, Standard Custody and Trust Company, adds new flavor to its thriving ecosystem. 

“We are frankly and actively investing in other use cases for XRP. Some of them will be consumer-centric, and some of them will be marketplaces. But those are the things we will partner with or help entrepreneurs build solutions that take advantage of a performant asset relative to other digital assets,” Garlinghouse later shared.