GM, SER, WAGMI: A complete guide to Crypto, NFT Twitter jargon

Lavina Daryanani
Source: The Verge

A few days back, one of my IRLs DM’d me on Twitter and told me that I had a spelling error in my bio. Quite puzzled, I instantly headed to my profile, proof-read those six words—hodl your horses, glasses, and coins—but didn’t seemingly find anything to be wrong. Within no time, however, it struck me that my ‘fren’ was a newbie and would have assumed ‘hodl’ to be the incorrect spelling of ‘hold’. SMH!

The world of Crypto, NFT Twitter is quite crazy and if you’re too new to this space, you would have most likely stumbled upon random acronyms, weird words, and a completely different slang. If you’re wondering what exactly these arbitrary terms mean, then worry not, I’ve got you covered. By the end of this piece, you’d most likely get accustomed and acclimatized to the alienated phraseology.

Your ultimate Crypto, NFT Twitter guide

GM – It pretty much refers to Good Morning and people use it on a day to day basis to stir in optimism and cheer

GN – You guessed it right, it’s Good Night. People usually use GN during late evenings to indicate that they’re is signing off for the day

Ser – This is a modified spelling for Sir. This term is usually used to address someone with respect

WAGMI – We All Going to Make It. This acronym is randomly tossed around daily to remind others that EoD, the whole community would financially thrive

GMI – Gonna Make It. GMI is merely a shortened version of WAGMI

NGMI – This is the literal opposite of WAGMI and stands for ‘Not Going To Make It.’ More often than not, this phrase is used to boo people who aren’t into crypto

Fren – Every community member you stumble upon is a ‘friend,’ because, why not?!

Anon – This term is used to refer to any ‘anonymous’ or non-specific person

PFP – This is the acronym that’s used to refer to one’s Profile Picture. It’s more commonly used on NFT Twitter to refer to all the punks, apes, rocks, birds, dragons, etc. that people use as their profile picture

SZN – This is pretty much the shorter version of the season and is usually used to refer to market cycles

Winter – Crypto/NFT winter is used to indicating bearish periods

Moon – This word is used to figuratively emphasize skyrocketing prices. So, if someone says a particular coin would go to the moon, they mean that its valuation would exponentially surge

OG – Original Gangster. It denotes the people who’ve been in the crypto/NFT space during the initial days themselves. At times, it is also used to refer to older coins in the ecosystem

LFG – This phrase is used to hype up fellow community members and stands for Let’s F***ing Go

Ded – This is a shorter version of dead or deceased. It’s used in contexts to refer to blunders or dead projects

NFA – Analysts usually used NFA to signify that their analysis/predictions are ‘Not Financial Advice’

DYOR – NFA is often complimented with DYOR to tell the readers to ‘Do Your Own research’ and not blindly follow others’ analysis

FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. FUD is used to refer to the state of minds of people when the market is indecisive and unstable

FOMO – During hyped up phases people usually have the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ and end up taking wrong investment decisions

HODL – Well, the circle is fully complete and we’re finally back to HODL. This term is used to emphasize clinging onto assets and not selling them out of FOMO during times of FUD. People who HODL are usually referred to HODLers