Google Partners With NFT Leader Dapper Labs to Support $Flow Blockchain

Google NFT Dspper

The search engine giant Google is the latest company to support blockchain development and the emerging areas of NFTs and gaming. Most recently, Google announced their newly formed partnership with Dapper labs, the famous creator of The Flow Blockchain.

According to Janet Kennedy, this is a multi-year partnership, during which the Google cloud platform will act as a network operator. It will offer its infrastructure to help Flow scale.

According to Dapper Labs CEO, partnership with Google has covered some severe milestones that the Flow Network had never achieved since its launching. The Flow Blockchain, for now, has its hands full with more than 3000 developers in the building. He stated that it is now that Google has stepped up to scale up its operations in a rapid form.

Google Cloud and How does it work

Google cloud is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google. Cloud computing is accessing and storing data over the internet instead of doing it on a personal hard drive. Cloud computing provides various services like storage, database, networking security, identity management, etc. it also provides the internet for faster, innovative, and flexible resources.

The top users of google’s cloud include Twitter, 20th century Fox, Paypal, eBay, etc. Other cloud providers include AWS, Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, and many others.

Google Cloud and Flow(FLOW)

This partnership will eventually lead to the global popular Google Cloud being secured safely on the Flow Blockchain network. This will result in supercharging abilities to establish a connection between the app developers and consumers worldwide.

Dapper Labs has established itself as one of the major players across the NFTs creation and marketplace. Thus the Flow Blockchain is already empowering the products like Crypto Kitties and NBA Top Shot which Dapper Labs designs.

Flow currently supports several applications, including the mentioned popular NFT collections. However, Google has also made it easier for Flow developers to integrate with its software. So they can connect to Flow access nodes at lower latency through GoogleCloud services. This gives them an added incentive to choose Google Cloud over competitors such as Amazon Web Services.

Currently, Flow is ranking number 89 on the coin gecko market capitalization. This followed after the announcement by Google, making it surpass the $24 mark before correcting to its current price of $21.43 as at the time of writing.

Google Cloud services do not offer mining cryptocurrency. However, this latest move positions them after a chink in Amazon’s armor by branding itself as a developer-friendly alternative. Therefore, the developers will choose regions that power their platforms based on the regions’ energy consumption.

Dapper Labs and NFTs

NFT - google

Dapper’s Flow blockchain supports some of the most popular NFT collections on the market, including NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. By February of this year, NBA Top Shot had generated $230 million in sales. That figure has nearly tripled to $680 million,

In less than a year, NFTs have grown from a small and obscure corner of the crypto industry to a multi-billion-dollar market. August was a record-breaking month for the NFT market, with 30-day sales eclipsing $2 billion.