Helveteq lists 1st ever Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin, Ethereum ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

Namrata Shukla
Source: Pixabay

Everyone wants to reap gains without betting on risky assets and if you’re an active investor in the current times, you know exactly how volatile global finance has been for the past couple of years.

Cryptocurrencies emerged as a safety asset for many such investors and exchange-traded products [ETPs] seemed like a good option to bet on crypto without taking on such risks. SIX Swiss Exchange has been making immense progress at their end and added its third new ETP issuer, Helveteq offering Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs.

According to the official announcement,

“Today, Helveteq is the third new ETP issuer to join the SIX Swiss Exchange in 2022 and the eleventh overall. The two new Helveteq Bitcoin Zero ETP and Helveteq Ether Zero ETP, both available in USD, add to the great variety of crypto products and offer investors the first carbon-neutral crypto ETPs by a Swiss issuer.”

The exchange’s announcement was much in-line with the green crypto trend as it noted that Helveteq compensated for the carbon footprint of its Zero ETP family. In fact, the CEO of Helveteq noted the rising awareness of the link between blockchain and the environment and finding a sustainable solution.

The CEO at Helveteq, Christian Katz added,

“It is time to offer investors the first carbon-neutral crypto ETPs by a Swiss issuer. Awareness of the link between the environment and the blockchain economy is rising fast and we all must work together to find sustainable solutions. That’s why Helveteq sponsors and cooperates with the University of Zurich for research in this field, based on which we compensate the carbon footprint of our Zero ETP family.”

With the addition of Helveteq ETPs, SIX now had a total of 11 crypto ETP issuers, with 155 tradeable crypto ETPs. The brand new addition of the carbon-neutral ETPs followed Fidelity listing Bitcoin ETPs on the swiss exchange. The ETPs were denominated in US dollar and Swiss franc.

The success of previous ETPs led the way for the SIX Swiss exchange to expand within the crypto ecosystem. As per data offered by the swiss exchange, trading volumes and the number of transactions have increased by 673% and 634%, respectively, over the previous year. This is a significant jump in communicating the rising investor interest in crypto products. SIX currently offered investors access to 240 products based on 18 crypto assets provided by 13 issuers.