Here Is the List of Coins That Listed in 2022

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Here Is the List of Coins That Listed in 2022
Source: The VR Soldier is a global crypto exchange that was founded in 2016. With over 50 million users globally across 90 countries, it is one of the most reputed crypto exchanges out there.

The exchange provides a platform to trade over 250+ cryptocurrencies. also has Visa card services. The card lets users spend their crypto and earn cashback.

With the increasing crypto adoption, new cryptos emerge literally every day. Along with other crypto exchanges, has also initiated efforts to list new coins. With tight competition among cryptocurrency exchanges, each one is trying to outrun the other. is also pulling out new coin listings to grow its platform and provide users with more variety to trade with. Let us take a look at’s new listings.

Source: Masterthecrypto

New coin listings by

The exchange has introduced a few additional altcoins in addition to the major cryptocurrencies that are already traded on the platform.

  • Goons of Balatroon (GOB)
  • Janus Network (JNS)
  • Xeno Token (XNO)
  • Auger (REP)
  • Aurora (AURORA)
  • Alchemy Pay (ACH)
  • Boba Network (BOBA)
  • Marlin (POND)
  • Project Galaxy (GAL)
  • Celo (CELO)
  • MetisDAO (METIS)

Moreover, the exchange also has a dedicated Coin page on its website. But users have to note that the page is exclusive to the cryptos that it tracks. It doesn’t mention the coins that the exchange listed recently.

Unlike other crypto exchanges, doesn’t have a dedicated listing page where the exchanges announce new listings. This initiative is done by other exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.

The exchange has been cooking up new developments for its crypto card recently. An announcement of Google Pay integration was made by the exchange recently. The new feature allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using Google Pay. The exchange is deploying new features to ease the crypto purchase process easier for users.