Here’s why Elon Musk is calling out Dogecoin co-founder

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa and the potential owner of Twitter has been quite vocal about his inclination towards the OG meme crypto, Dogecoin [DOGE]. Following this Musk garnered immense support from the crypto community. However, Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer wasn’t on board with Musk’s crypto inclination.

In a recent interview, Palmer went on to call Musk a ‘grifter‘. This wasn’t it, the Dogecoin co-founder realized that the Tesla CEO wasn’t good at coding after he gave Musk a script to combat crypto scams on Twitter. Musk reportedly said, “How do I run this Python script?”

Enraged by Palmer’s blatant comments, Musk took shots at him. The Tesla CEO took to Twitter and revealed that Palmer falsely claimed that his “lame snippet of Python gets rid of bots. Ok buddy, then share it with the world …”

Elon Musk further implied that his kids had written better code back when they were 12 years old. While he affirmed that Palmer had sent him a script, he, however, suggested that it was “nonsense.”

Billy Markus backs Elon Musk

Elon Musk was clearly enraged by Palmer’s comments. The Dogecoin co-founder has time and again taken digs at Musk. He previously suggested that he veered into the crypto ecosystem in order to attain a fan base. Suggesting Palmer was a tool, Musk went on to point out that Palmer had not “written a single line of Dogecoin code.”

Billy Markus, the co-founder of the Dogecoin network steered towards this discussion and affirmed that the founders did the bare minimum when it came to coding. He tweeted,

Further lauding Markus Musk wrote,

“You’re humble bro. Billy’s sense of humor & irreverence is a big part of why people love Dogecoin.”

While Dogecoin continues to get immense support from tech giants like Elon Musk, the asset failed to fare well in terms of price. During press time, DOGE was trading for $0.085 with no major fluctuations in its price.