Here’s Why Worldcoin has Pumped 40% in a Day, Will This New Altcoin Surge Next?

Paigambar Mohan Raj

Worldcoin’s (WLD) price has surged by over 40% in the last 24 hours. The rally was fueled by a substantial adoption milestone announced on Twitter. WLD is now trading around $7.61 – a new all-time high.

While Worldcoin’s rally is grabbing all the headlines, another altcoin called Meme Kombat (MK) could also be poised for massive growth as investor hype ramps up.

Worldcoin Price Hits All-Time High as Whales Take Notice

WLD’s value has risen a whopping 254% in the past two weeks as interest in the ambitious project spikes.

This massive rally has been prompted by a series of milestones and updates that showcase Worldcoin’s tremendous growth potential.

Most notably, Worldcoin revealed that its World App crypto wallet surpassed 1 million daily active users this week.

This massive level of adoption validates Worldcoin’s goal of distributing crypto and verifying identities on a global scale.

Additionally, according to an article from Coingape, a single wallet address recently bought an enormous 2.09 million WLD tokens from Binance.

This transaction was worth $5.8 million at the time.

Unsurprisingly, the retail community has viewed this whale’s token purchase as a bullish signal.

Between the whale accumulation, the significant adoption milestone, and broader optimism in the crypto market, Worldcoin finds itself propelled to new heights.

The buzz around WLD has even been boosted by Sam Altman’s announcement of Sora – a new text-to-video generator by OpenAI.

Although unrelated to Worldcoin, Sora’s launch has amplified the buzz in the AI space. Additionally, the development has translated to more demand for tokens like WLD.

How Worldcoin Is Opening Access for the Unbanked Through Crypto

Worldcoin (WLD) is an initiative that aims to spur global financial inclusion and economic participation by using crypto technology and biometric identity verification.

The project distributes its native token, WLD, to those who verify their identity by scanning their iris through Worldcoin’s Orb devices.

This process creates a decentralized digital identity called World ID, allowing access to Worldcoin’s services.

For example, imagine someone who lacks an official ID or a bank account.

By scanning their eyes via an Orb and creating a World ID, this person could claim an allocation of WLD tokens.

The person could then download the World App to access their tokens, which they can spend, invest, and transact seamlessly.

Ultimately, this setup allows Worldcoin to bypass barriers that prevent “unbanked” people from participating in the financial markets.

This could have significant implications for individuals in developing economies or those facing challenges with the traditional financial system.

Meme Kombat Hype Reaches Fever Pitch Ahead of Exchange Listings

While Worldcoin is the name on everyone’s lips, another ambitious crypto project is emerging that could be poised for similar growth.

Meme Kombat is an Ethereum-based gaming meme coin that combines the popularity of internet characters with a virtual battle arena.

Players can bet on fights between animated meme characters using MK tokens in this battle arena.

The winners claim more MK tokens as a reward, increasing the engagement for players.

Meme Kombat also offers staking utility, with annual rewards of up to 103% for those who pledge their tokens.

The development team has even revealed an upcoming NFT collection. However, the specifics of how these digital assets will be distributed are still under wraps.

Although not yet officially launched, Meme Kombat is in a presale phase that has raised over $9.2 million in funding.

The presale is now in its final stage. This means, that would-be investors only have a narrow window to buy MK tokens at the discounted price of $0.279.

Moreover, since the presale’s hard cap is set at $10 million, there’s a growing belief in Meme Kombat’s Telegram community that exchange listings could be coming very soon.

Ultimately, for speculative investors seeking Worldcoin-style returns, getting early exposure to MK could be a smart move if the project’s hype can be sustained post-listing.

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