Here’s Why Zilliqa Spiked 116% in 24-Hours & Doubled Investors Money

Vinod Dsouza
zilliqa zil
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In a phenomenal jump in the course of a single day, Zilliqa (ZIL) spiked 116% during the weekend and doubled investor’s money. The crypto broke every resistance possible and is now standing at its monthly highs of $0.12. ZIL is displaying bullish sentiments and is up nearly +20% during today’s trade.

Zilliqa, which was launched in 2018 was forgotten crypto with little or no price movements for over a year. The coin constantly dipped for nearly 11-months straight and is now trying to claw back to glory.

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Its 100% rally in the indices has brought it to the forefront and investors are trying to ride its bull run. ZIL also made its way to CryptoBubbles and stood tall and proud dominating the other cryptos in the market.


Why is Zilliqa Shooting up in Price?

Zilliqa rallied 116% after they announced they plan to enter the Metaverse segment named Metapolis in a tie-up with Agora. Metaverse is a hot trending topic in the crypto sphere and any project planning to work towards it is seen as being beneficial in the future. Investments can pay off during its Metaverse launch and deliver stellar returns in the long run. The demand for the new technology is high and can be a kick-start to ZIL’s possible growth.

Also, by entering the Metaverse, the Zilliqa network aims to receive large institutional and private inflows of investments. The steady flow of investments could make ZIL stay on top of its game attract newer investors into its fold. In return, ZIL could be among the most talked-about cryptos out there in the market and make its way into the news cycles.

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Apart from entering the Metaverse, Zilliqa also recently partnered with Esports organizations like- Ninjas in Pyjamas, RRQ, and MAD Lions. The collaboration will be a part of the play-2-earn gaming models and ZIL will appear on their integrated marketing campaigns. The campaigns include ZIL’s logo being placed on the player’s jerseys among others.

Sandra Helou, Head of Metaverse & NFT at Zilliqa believes partnerships with play-2-earn gaming will be the next boom to the coin’s growth. “Gaming will be the sector that drives the next exponential growth in blockchain users. These types of partnerships can accelerate that adoption,” she said in a statement.

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She also boldly proclaimed, “If you haven’t heard about Zilliqa yet, you will soon.”

At press time, Zilliqa was trading at $0.10 and is up 16.4% in the day’s trade. The coin is up a staggering +174.8% in the last 14-trading days.