HEX or Dogecoin: Which Crypto Might Reach $1 Faster? Financial Expert Weighs-in

Vinod Dsouza
HEX or Dogecoin will reach to $1 faster
Source: Pixabay

The battle of the cryptocurrencies to better each other is forever on. Two such cryptos, HEX and Dogecoin have shared their time in the limelight and a similar price trajectory.

HEX was launched in December 2019 and was trading at less than a Cent in its initial days. The crypto had a phenomenal run in the indices as it breached the 1 Cent mark in February 2021. In just 14 months, it delivered a fistful of dollars to investors who took an early entry position. Even for those who entered before September 2021, HEX kept on delivering results as it doubled in price every 48 days.

For the uninitiated, HEX is arguably the only cryptocurrency that doubled in price approximately every 48 days. Its price doubled steadily from December 2019 to September 2021 and began to slump thereafter. After breaching the 1 Cent milestone in February 2021, it touched an all-time high of 51 Cents in September.

On the other hand, Dogecoin had a similar feat after its inception in 2013 and rapidly spiked in price in 2021. Dogecoin breached the 1 Cent mark in January 2021. One month later, HEX breached the 1 Cent mark in February. Both the cryptos stole the limelight at the same time and became the most sought-after coins in the market.

However, both Dogecoin and HEX slumped in price and are finding it hard to cross the $0.25 barrier despite multiple tries. Both the cryptos are now aiming to breach the $1 mark. Nonetheless, who among these two would get there first, remains to be a million-dollar question.

HEX or Dogecoin to Reach $1 First?

The co-founder of stocks, crypto, and forex agency The Bomb Hustle, Dara Gadziala, had previously predicted that HEX might reach $1 much faster than Dogecoin.

”HEX will reach to $1 much before Dogecoin reaches there,” predicted Gadziala to IB Times last year. She also stated that ”Doge has no real use-case and there’s no sustainability behind it.”

Gadziala stated that Dogecoin is ”Just a bunch of celebrities trying to hype it up.” She revealed that ”HEX has the real potential, as it pays people to stake their money and has the functionality and foundation to withstand the whips of the crypto market in the long run.”

”Dogecoin is a meme-coin and HEX isn’t a meme. It’s an actual crypto bank and it proves itself in the all-time highs it reaches often,” said Gadziala.

At press time, Dogecoin was trading at $0.13 and is down -3.2% in the 24-hours day’s trade. On the other hand, HEX was trading at $0.17 and is down -10.4% in the day’s trade.