HexPo Attracts Large Attendance in Las Vegas, Here’s How to Stream the Conference Online

Vinod Dsouza
Hex HexPo Las Vegas Conference Event
Source: Pixabay

Hex investors banded together to create a conference in Las Vegas called HexPo. On day 2 today, all 600 tickets which were airdropped to people who purchased fundraising tickets made it to the event. The conference is held between March 6 to 9 and pictures of HexPo already flooded social media.

It is not known if Hex founder Richard Heart will attend the event in person but he is likely to speak online. However, the development is not confirmed yet.

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“The audience watching someone streaming in remotely may be limited, except in the case of Richard Heart,” the website read.

The HexPo is organized by Mati Allin, with an array of hosts that include Kryptosparbach, QuantGang, Karim, among others.

However, for those who can’t make it in person to Las Vegas to attend HexPo, the organizers have scheduled ‘Hexpo Online’.

Where to Watch HexPo Online?

The organizers are streaming a live YouTube channel for HexPo Online and can be viewed here.

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind now is- ‘Will the same content be covered for online viewers?’ The answer is no. Online viewers will not get to experience the same content when compared to the event happening in real-time in Las Vegas.

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Each presenter will divide his/her content into a 2-part series for the in-person audience and online viewers. The in-person event which has workshops will not be broadcasted online. Keynotes and a selected few topics would be live-streamed on YouTube.

“Each presenter and content creator will be given the option to present a 2-part series, refined replication. Or on s separate topic matter. In-person content, including workshops, is NOT expected to be broadcast. Except for keynotes and other selected content, which may be live or delayed at the sole discretion of the organizers,” their website read.

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At press time, Hex was trading at $0.11 and is down -1.1% in the 24-hours day trade. The crypto has a larger-than-life following as it made early investors gain generational wealth after its launch in December 2019.

It is arguably the only cryptocurrency that doubled in price approximately every 48 days. It also breached the 1 Cent mark in only 13 months of its inception.