How Many Bitcoins Does Tom Brady Have?

Source: BeInCrypto

BTC is getting more famous among NFL players. A few days ago, Tom Brady announced that he will give a fan one Bitcoin to convince him to give back his 600th professional touchdown ball.

Mike Evans, the broad subject who grabbed the pass, did not know that the ball belonged to Brady, so he gave the ball to another fan.

How Much Bitcoin Does Tom Brady Have?

This announcement has left everyone wondering just how much Bitcoin Tom Brady has for him to scoop one of it for the football fan. Brady is yet to reveal his BTC holdings. But judging from his recent actions, he looks pretty endowed.

When addressing the situation during ESPN’s Football cast, Brady says that negotiations were done to convince the fan to give back the ball.

After realizing the value of the ball, the team officials rush to negotiate with the fan to give back the ball.

Byron Kennedy will receive two Brady- jerseys, a helmet, and an Evans jersey, all signed. He will also be receiving the Evans game braces, $1,000 reserve credit from the team store, and the football tickets for two years. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are pretty volatile. However, Kennedy is getting into the craze when analysts have projections to move BTC to $100k. By the time he was receiving the BTC, it was worth $62,361.30. This is a slight drop from its new all-time high of $67,200.

The value of the ball is estimated at around $500k, which many feel the fan should have exited with the ball and sold it for the amount. 

Tom Brady Is Supporting BTC’s Projection

The NFL star Tom Brady is currently the latest prominent player adding Bitcoin laser eyes to his Twitter profile picture, encouraging the BTC price to hit $100k.

Brady is the seven-time Superbowl winner. Many speculations show that he is investing a lot in Bitcoin and is loading up more in his holdings.

Bitcoin Sinks Below the $60000 Support Level

Bitcoin reached its all-time high just recently, rising from the September crush that saw it move below the $40k level. However, the coin also dropped sharply from its new All-time High at $67,200 to around $58000 at writing.

Just how deep can it go? Elon Musk and other BTC enthusiasts like Tom Brady think this is a good sign for BTC investors. Investing more when it’s low will propel it to the $100k level.

BTC might deepen its curve towards the $50,000 mark. However,  analysts see it picking up on the final bull rally towards the end of 2021.

Recently Elon Musk was seen hinting at receiving Bitcoin as part of its payment methods. Companies like Mike MicroStrategy are adding up BTC into their holdings. This might give BTC a strong support level helping it to spring back past its all-time high.