How Shiba Inu Made the Average Investor ‘Dream’ Of Making $1 Million

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu 1 Cent Dream $0.01 SHIB
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Shiba Inu is arguably the only cryptocurrency currently that gives hope to the average investor of making $1 million. In this article, we will explain how SHIB created a ‘thought process’ giving wings to the aspirations of a working-class individual.

All options to make life-changing gains for the Average Joe on the street seems to have hit a dead end. Here are a few examples: Can an average working-class person dream about making $1 million by investing in the stock markets? No. The average investor believes that the stock market works only for the rich who have a large financial backing.

Can the Average Joe afford to invest in Bitcoin despite its price dipping to $22,300? The answer again is no. A $22,000 investment remains to be unaffordable as it’s a vast amount of money. Well, then came along Shiba Inu into the picture that changed the entire ‘thought process’.

A ‘thought process’ plays an important part in making fortunes and could guide people to their desired destinations.

Shiba Inu gave hope to the average investor on the streets that he too can make $1 million in a lifetime.

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How Shiba Inu Made An Average Investor Dream About Making $1 Million

Shiba Inu the 1 Cent Dream SHIB
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Before 2019, investors believed that only Bitcoin or Ethereum could deliver $1 million or more in returns. However, that ‘thought process’ changed in early 2021 after Dogecoin dramatically hit $0.01 making early investors turn multi-millionaires.

This is when the seeds of the ‘thought process’ that ‘I too can be a millionaire’ grew in the mind of an average investor.

Now that Dogecoin had run its course (in 2021), investors were on the lookout for the next gem that could replicate DOGE’s success. Replicating Dogecoin’s success mainly means: (affordable investment + dramatic returns = When it hits the magic number of $0.01)

Therefore, Shiba Inu entered the markets at the right place and at the right time to fill in the void.

Shiba Inu Happiness
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In no surprise, Shiba Inu filled the void within six months of its launch and seemed lucrative to normal investors due to its low price.

An average investor clung to Shiba Inu like glue pouring in $100 to $1,000 by getting millions of tokens in return. When SHIB hits $0.01, the ‘millions of tokens’ would become $1 million or more (depending on how many tokens one owns).

Whether Shiba Inu will reach $0.01 is not the main question here. The main question is that Shiba Inu gave them hope that they too can earn millions and live a financially-free life.

When that firm belief and hope takes route in the mind, eventually, by hook or crook, people end up making money. It ‘might be or not be’ with Shiba Inu, but the ‘want’ to make big money could eventually find its path.

In conclusion, the ‘I too can be a millionaire’ thought process was triggered with Shiba Inu, but might end with? Who knows! The trigger is fired, and now the goal has to be reached.