How to Access DApps Using a Smartphone

We are finally at the point where more people have access to the internet via their smartphones than desktop computers. Web 3.0 is likely going to be a smartphone-driven experience due to its convenience and ease of use for all ages and classes.

What Are DApps?

DApp (decentralized application) is software that operates in the open-source blockchain network. Unlike traditional applications, DApps are not controlled by one centralized entity and work independently from any single point of failure or control.

DApps consists of a web of smart contracts that autonomously interact when the protocol is deployed on a blockchain.

Despite Ethereum blockchain enjoying dominance in the smart contract platform, other blockchains like EOS, Tron, and Binance smart chain offer these DApps. To use those DApps, users require a wallet that interacts well with both centralized and decentralized apps (like Trust Wallet).

How to Access DApps Using a Smartphone

As people move to their smartphones for work, DApp usage is also increasing. This is made possible by the existence of mobile wallets with built-in browsers that allow users to interact with DApps from any point at any time.

Trust Wallet is the most popular mobile wallet for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Its in-app DApp Browser provides a safe, secure way to interact with decentralized applications on various blockchains from anywhere. 

To access DApps using TrustWallet, use the following procedure: 

  1. Go to and download the trust wallet 
  2. Once downloaded on your smartphone
  3. write the recovery seed phrase and secure it
  4. after this, your wallet is ready for use with the DApp browser

Before you start using DApps, connect your wallet to the blockchain network that aligns with your needs. If you plan to interact with Ethereum’s smart contracts, ensure that some of its native tokens are in your digital wallet before starting any transactions. Gas fees are not negotiable and can be costly if too much time passes between sending a transaction or deploying a contract, so don’t forget about them!


Let’s say you want to use Binance Smart Chain-based DApps. In that case, transfer some BNB into your Trust Wallet or buy it directly from the app itself! Now you are ready to traverse the dimensions of smart chain DApps in the browser.

Trust Wallet carefully vets DApps it allows onto its in-app marketplace to ensure security for users.

To begin, select the DApp browser at the menu bar, which will land you on the Trust Wallet DApp marketplace dashboard.

Choose the type of app you are interested in, whether DeFi or blockchain games; suppose you want a specific DApp, type the URL of the App into the DApp browser.

When the UI of the decentralized application pops up, it will notify you to link your Trust Wallet. Choose which wallet you intend to connect.

When you want to invest in crypto, one way is by using a decentralized money market protocol like Cream. This network enables users to borrow cryptocurrency and earn interest on their deposits without the need for a central authority!


Here, you have to connect your Smart chain wallet to the app within the DApp browser.

Once you are connected, proceed to deposit BNB tokens to the BNB supply.

To approve of a deposit, sign the transaction with Trust Wallet, and there will be an opportunity for you to review and change any optional information that is part of the request before clicking “confirm.”

And boom! You are done.

It is easy to access DApps using your smartphone with a Trust wallet or any mobile DApp browser.