How to Buy 0n1 Force NFTs

0n1 Force

0n1 Force NFTs is a creative project that comprises 7,777 unique hand-drawn characters with distinctive facial features. The characters are participants in the thrilling role-playing game titled Ethereal Enclave. Owing to the popularity of exclusive collectible tokens in the NFT space, the On1 Force NFTs project is one of the most profitable investments. The hype built around On1 Force when launching caused the limited edition collectibles to sell out a few days after that. At the moment, interested investors can access tokens of this project from current holders on OpenSea. 

Founders of the Project

The On1 project brings together some of the best brains in the most recent NFT marketplaces. At the helm of the project is JR, the project manager. Next in line is EM, the community manager on discord, and IMCMPLX, the lead artist and creator of artwork in the project. In a bid to bring the project to life, the lead team brought on specialists in the fields of development and front-end design. Consequently, the experienced team at CRYPTOSPACES delivered on development requirements in the project. Coupled with the eye-catching graphics by STRAWBERRY on the front end, the characters in On1 look as good as they are fun. Not to mention the ease of perusing the 7,777 unique characters to choose the one that matches your personality. 

Ranking of Collectibles in 0n1 Force NFTs

The 7,777 characters vary in rarity, traits, look, and identity. For easy classification, they are divided into clans as outlined below:

  • Ghost Spirit– they make up the largest population in Ethereal Enclave. In general, they are peace-loving creatures that now live in a chaotic world. Some of their most common features include Bandaid, pels, and headphones. On the contrary, their most rare features include gas masks, cat ears, and Loop Earrings
  • MONSTER FORM– This clan is uncommon, making up only 27% of the population in Ethereal Enclave. Due to this, they have greater value compared to ghost spirit characters. It is important to realize that they have common features like Tengu Mask, PR Mask, and Obsidian. In addition, their rare traits include Roses and Fedoras 
  • THE DEMON– Being the elites, they make up the least of the population in Ethereal Enclave. Additionally, they combine luxurious accessories and rare aesthetics to bring respect to the clan. Their most common features include Hannya Mask and Perl headphones. On the other hand, their rare features include gold reflective jackets and haunted canary.

How to Buy 0n1 Force NFTs

Going by statistics, the On1 force is one of the most successful projects in the NFT space. All the 7,777 collectibles sold out on the auction a few days after release. At the moment, you can buy 0n1 NFTs directly from the current holders on OpenSea.(Click link)

Step1: Open an account in OpenSea. Then connect to a crypto wallet that holds Ethereum. These include; Coinbase. Dapper and MetaMask. You will need to always connect your wallet every time you want to use your OpenSea account.

Step 2: In the search button, search “On1 Force NFTs “. All available On1 Force NFTs should appear.

Step 3: Select your preferred 0n1 Force NFT and click the buy now button.

Perks of Owning 0n1 Force NFTs

By owning an On1 Force collectible, you get a high-resolution depiction of the character alongside entry to the group’s discord channel. In addition, the NFT allows you to enter Ethereal Enclave, a futuristic role-playing game where characters maneuver a toxic world fighting for survival.