How to Buy CryptoPunks NFT

Cryptopunks NFT
Source: Alexi Rosenfeld | Getty Images


The Non-Fungible token market is flooding with investors, creators, and even those looking to purchase. Young people, including musicians like Snoop Dogg, influencers like Logan Paul, artists, and creators, are making millions on the NFT market. 

CryptoPunks is the first NFT collectibles to be maintained and verified on the Ether blockchain and created in 2017, the CryptoPunk NFTs range from Aliens apes to zombies, male and female. CryptoPunks have algorithmically generated 24 × 24 pixel images. 

The rarity of CryptoPunks and NFTs, in general, determine their value in the crypto market. Crypto punks, for example, NBA top shot moment, are one of the most sought-after collectibles. 

For instance, CryptoPunk #3609’s value has seen a rise from $566,000 to $683,000 in just a month. Currently, CryptoPunk NFTs are selling for over a million dollars. Below wee will discuss how to buy CryptoPunks.

How to Buy CryptoPunks NFTS 

The rarer the CryptoPunk, the higher collectors are willing to pay for it. Many people are flipping these NFTs, meaning users are purchasing tokens at low prices and selling them at higher ones, making a mad profit. 

Step 1: Open an account

Opensea is a platform that allows you to buy or bid NFTs with more than two million Non-Fungible tokens. Other platforms include Larvalabs.

Connect a web3 enabled Ethereum to the platform, and you’re good to go. Some Crypto wallets that connect to the platform include Dapper, Coinbase, and MetaMask. Any time you want access to your Opensea account, you will need to connect your wallet.

Step 2; Buy a wallet.

Although it is optional, it is essential to get a wallet for storing your NFTs safely. MetaMask is the most common wallet used. 

Step 3: Buy a piece from the collection. 

Ten thousand CryptoPunks have gotten minted. Anyone that wants to make a purchase now will have to get it from the owner. There are CryptoPunks listed for sale on Opensea, and you can make your bid. The seller will send your NTF to your Ethereum wallet.  

Best Crypto Exchange Platforms 

Cryptocurrency exchanges give an easy way to buy and sell currencies you want. They offer low fees and robust security features. Before choosing the platform that works best for you, you need to consider currencies, withdrawal options, prices, and security. 

Here are some of the best crypto exchange platforms. 

  • Coinbase – Advantages of using Coinbase are that it has high liquidity, a straightforward user interface, and offers a variety of altcoin choices. On the other hand, the cons of the Coinbase platform are that users incur high fees when they don’t use Coinbase Pro, and the users do not control their wallet keys. 
  • Cash app – Cash app offers peer-to-peer money transfer is simple to use, and users can withdraw Bitcoin. The disadvantages of using cash app include;3% deduction when transferring money via credit card, the platform only supports Bitcoin, and there are limits to withdrawals made either weekly or daily. 
  • Bisq– This downloadable software is decentralized with more than 20 payment options and can get used on Androids and iPhones. Cons? Reduced speed during transactions, low trading volumes and gets designed only for active trading. 


Before you invest in the digital market, it is wise to research and make the right choices in your crypto journey.